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LeVeL33, Singapore

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981, Singapore
LeVeL33 Review
4 Star Rating
9 July 2017LeVeL33Tags: Singapore, Singapore, Casual reviewsThe Bill: £51 per head

As the name suggests, Level33 can be found on the 33rd level of the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower in Singapore. This establishment offers uninterrupted views across Marina Bay and really does provide an excellent place to enjoy the city.

Although the restaurant and bar at Level33 are quite casual, the food on offer here is very impressive and finished to a high standard. The bar has a big emphasis on craft beer, as well as a large selection of well-made cocktails. This is the sort of place that promises for a fun night out.

As an aperitif, we both enjoyed a glass of the Barons de Rothschild Brut Champagne. For our starters, we opted for a selection of small plates to share, including the Australian tiger prawns served with fresh lemon and hops steeped in soy sauce; the braised lamb ribs with Moroccan spices, hummus, truffled balsamic, tzatziki and lime; and the Saganaki Sizzler, which saw sheep’s cheese served with walnut bread, buckwheat butter, garlic salt and fresh lemon. We were rather impressed with our selection and waited in great anticipation for our main courses.

“The perfect place to take in the wonderful views of Singapore and to truly indulge in some superb food.”R32;

For our main courses, we both chose steak. I opted for the 200g grass-fed tenderloin steak from Argentina, with my partner opting for the 200g grain-fed ribeye steak from the USA. Both steaks came served with two grilled tomatoes, and we added sides of sautéed spinach with kombu sour cream and saganaki cheese, as well as the baby potatoes with duck fat, nettle butter and hopped salt. The steaks were perfectly cooked and the meat was obviously of high quality as not only was it extremely tasty, but it melted in the mouth perfectly.R32;R32;

Whilst we were there, we knew we simply had to try a couple of cocktails from the bar. I chose the Skylight, which saw Ketel One vodka mixed with spicy mango syrup, fresh lime, white sugar and soda; as well as a Dirty Old Fashioned, which was a blend of Laphroaig 10 whiskey, Lapsa Soochong syrup, chilli and orange.

My partner chose the Italian Job, which saw vodka blended with chilli infused Campari, passion fruit syrup and orange juice; as well as the Megroni, which was a blend of Mezcal, gin, vermouth and bitter liqueur.

The cocktails were well made and this confirmed for us just how impressive the food and drink offering is at Level33. It comes highly recommended by us as the perfect place to take in the wonderful views of Singapore and to truly indulge in some superb food and drinks.

Photos courtesy of LeVeL33
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