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Restaurant Oliviero, Sicily

Via Nazionale, 137, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy
Restaurant Oliviero Review
5 Star Rating
13 September 2014Restaurant OlivieroTags: Sicily, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £78 per head

Our table for two was set with candles, around us fairy lights gleamed. The balustrade was crammed with pots of flowers. Across the bay, the lights of the old fishing village twinkled, and above us, the moon shone. Pinching myself, I found I was in fact awake, and about to have a much anticipated meal at the Restaurant Oliviere.

The setting could not have been more perfect, so now, the food. We began with an aperitif of Tattinger Champagne - chilled to perfection and served from elegant crystal.

My companion began with potato and rice gnocci served with vegetables, cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese. This was from the gluten free section of the menu – sounds dull, but important if you happen to have a health issue. The gnocci were like little clouds, and the cherry tomatoes were intense and sweet in contrast to the grainy, salty pecorino. With this, a glass of local Etna Bianco Cottanello.

“Expansive, simple yet sophisticated flavours served in a truly romantic setting”

However, in the lottery of food selection, I triumphed with a pasta dish, home made agnolotti with fresh cheese (I think a kind of sweet cheese made in the kitchen) lobster and chicory in cream. Oh, this was heavenly indeed, but I was fair (ish) I did share (a bit). With it, I drank a very good glass of Leone Tassa d’Almerite.

For the main course, I chose sea bream, fresh from the sea, grilled, with a side of miniature roast potatoes and grilled cherry tomatoes. This was perfect, adorned with just a little lemon at the table, and greatly enjoyed. However, the menu lottery tables were turned, and my companion chose well with her sauteed beef, sauced with a Madeira wine reduction and served with a wonderful mille-feuille potato concoction. We shared a bottle of robust Rosso del Coute Tassa d’Almerite.

We absolutely had to try desert, and chose ice cream - traditional vanilla, strawberry and pistachio, and a fresh fruit salad of melon, mango and strawberries. Both were little works of art, and looked almosttoo good to eat. Almost.

We loved the setting, and we ate well of food prepared with loving attention to detail, from the freshest local ingredients. A true five star experience in the stunning grounds of Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea.

Photos courtesy of Restaurant Oliviero
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