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Blackbird, San Francisco

2124 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
Blackbird Review
4 Star Rating
31 May 2016Blackbird
Tags: San Francisco, USA, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £43 per head

Located on Market Street in San Francisco, Blackbird Bar is a bar for hipsters and those who appreciate a mighty fine cocktail. It’s a large open-plan bar with various seating and booth options, there is a pool table, intriguing art and photography throughout, and of course their impressive collection of spirits which adorn the bar.

After browsing their menu of tempting cocktails I started off with the ‘The Colonel’, mixed with Chamomile-Infused Overholt Rye, Popcorn Sugar, and Tobacco Bitters. A fine example of the imagination and detail that the bar staff put into their cocktails at the Blackbird Bar, the mix of Chamomile, Popcorn, and Tobacco flavours mixed to make an enjoyable choice. My partner ordered the ‘Pariso’, this was mixed with Tequila, Chile, Mango, Amaro, Agave, Lime, and Mint. A lively cocktail with a little kick along with a generous helping of Tequila, very satisfying.

“A superb range of cocktails that have been masterfully created.”

For my next choice I ordered the ‘Pimms Cup’, comprising of Pimms, Gin, Cucumber, and House Ginger Beer. This delivered on the summery Pimms refreshing flavour, while adding a little hint from the Ginger. My partner ordered the ‘Celery Daisy’, this was mixed with Mezcal, Elderflower, Dry Curacao, Fino, Celery, Lemon, Orange Bitters, and Agave. An ecliptic mix of flavours, seamlessly blended to make a very satisfying cocktail that we could have sipped all night.

Finally, I ordered the ‘Sweet Leaf’, a Gin based cocktail, with Amaro Montenegro, Kina, Lemon, Egg White, and Matcha. This drink is best described as delicious. It went down easily and the citrus flavor infused with the Egg White produced a beautiful texture. My partner ended with the ‘Night Shade’, this was prepared with Tomato-Infused Cocchi Americano, Singani Grapefruit, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cinnamon. Not as deadly as its name would suggest, in fact it was a sweet tasting cocktail with the subtle Cinnamon taste, perhaps a favourite of the evening.

Blackbird Bar has an impressive collection of spirits and offer a superb range of cocktails that have been masterfully created. You will not leave disappointed, we certainly didn’t and we would happily return.

Photos courtesy of Blackbird
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