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Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Via Labicana, 125, 00184, Italy
Aroma Restaurant Review
5 Star Rating
18 September 2014Aroma Restaurant
Tags: Rome, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £76 per head

Situated on the rooftop of the lovely Palazzo Manfredi, Aroma is not merely built within sight of the Coliseum, but offers spectacular views of the timeless structure. Given such a romantic setting and ambiance, the Aroma is sure to please, and not just for the exquisite vistas it offers. The food is divine as well!

To begin, I enjoyed hand-made Tagliolini pasta in a curry sauce with apples, scampi, and coconut. This was paired with a glass of Gosseit Excellence Champagne which truly set the tone for the rest of the meal.

"Aroma is truly one of a kind."

Next, my partner decided on the Chianina beef tartar with rocket pesto, tomato water jelly and pecorino cheese foam, paired with a glass of Pecorino S. Lazzano. Pure delight.

For my main course, a generous filet of Chianina beef with red wine sauce and black truffle shavings, along with a sea bass and salmon duo, served with crispy king prawns. With both of these, we enjoyed a truly excellent Chianti Classico Ormanni.

Finally, for desert, we had a dark chocolate sphere with goat’s cheese cream and pear, a soft carrot cake with muslei crumble and cinnamon ice cream, this was served with a glass of Moscaro Rosa Zeni to finish the meal.

At every turn, the presentation was as gorgeous as the flavors were satisfying, and the service is a lesson in excellence. All of that, when combined with the restaurant’s hidden-away feel, and the amazing views offered by virtue of its location, and you can’t help but reach the conclusion that the Aroma is truly one of a kind. It is a wonder in its own right, and the perfect destination to end a day filled with an exploration of the city.

The next time you’re in Rome, definitely put this restaurant on your “must-visit” list. You will be very glad you did.

Photos courtesy of Aroma Restaurant
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