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    Easby hall, Richmond Review

    Easby, Richmond, Yorkshire DL10 7EU, UK
    Easby hall Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Richmond, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £180 per night

    Located in the idyllic hamlet of Easby, and just footsteps from the beautiful market town of Richmond in Yorkshire is Easby Hall. A classic Georgian country house, impressive to look at and even more impressive to enter. It forms a tranquil retreat free of noise and light pollution, and feels like taking a step back in time.

    It's a family home, and as such has a distinct charm you're unable to find many hotels. There are three different rooms, each with their own unique design. You can book the rooms individually, or you can reserve the whole wing containing the three rooms for hosting shooting parties and such.

    We opted for the rather lavish Champagne suite on the ground floor. The bedroom isn't overly spacious, but the owners have made good economical use of the space. There are beautiful furnishings and designs all meticulously arranged and presented. Upon arrival we were greeted by freshly cut flowers and fresh ground coffee, a most welcome surprise.

    “It's a family home, and as such has a distinct charm.”

    The bathroom was the highlight for me, there is a huge space with an impressive egg style bath at the centre piece. There is also under-floor heating, which was most welcome during our winter visit. Other furnishings included a large antique style wardrobe, a beautiful sink, and long draping curtains.

    Relaxing in the bath with some bath salt and a flickering candle was just faultless. It's a truly relaxing experience, and shall remain a memorable experience as one of the highlights. With all of the period futures it's easy to forget about all of your modern day concerns and daydream that you're back in the 20th century.

    The hosts went above-and-beyond what was expected of them. They made us feel most welcome by greeting us as we arrived, and introducing us to their property. Upon looking outside the view is spectacular, you can see Easby Abbey among all of the sweeping fields surrounding the home.

    Photos courtesy of Easby hall
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