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    pentahotel, Reading Review

    Oxford Road, Reading, RG1 7RH, UK
    pentahotel Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Reading, UK, City reviewsThe Bill: £250 per night

    The pentahotel can be found located just a short walk from Reading’s town centre. This hotel is effortlessly trendy and provides hospitality with an edge. You certainly won't find any beige walls here. With exposed brick work around every corner, low level lighting and bespoke furniture found throughout, the tone of this hotel is apparent from the outset.

    The lobby area of the pentahotel is large and open plan. At one end you have a red cloth pool table which leads through to the bar, with their restaurant and reception at the other end, manned by a team of smiling staff waiting to greet you.

    pentahotel reading bristol pentahotel reading

    During our visit we experienced the hotel’s recent addition - their Player Pad Suite on the sixth floor. This is a large suite comprising of a lounge area, a dining room and a bedroom, as well as a huge bathroom complete with a double bath, his and hers wash basins and a separate walk-in shower.

    “pentahotel certainly pushes the boundaries of the traditional hotel concept, making for a memorable stay.”

    The lounge area is complete with a spacious corner sofa, a flat screen TV, a PS4 games console and a couple of game options. Much to my delight there is also a pinball machine that takes centre stage in this suite, which is much fun after a few drinks. You’ll also find a small desk, should you wish to establish more of a work/play balance, as well as a large wall mounted clock. There is a further small lavatory off of the living area.

    pentahotel reading bristol pentahotel reading

    The dining room boasts a wonderful bespoke dining table and chairs, which is the perfect place for entertaining should you wish to invite some friends over. The walls are adorned with a selection of art providing a luxurious atmosphere, and various lighting completes the room, offering options for any mood. This suite has been well designed and is a fun place to experience. This suite really is the perfect place to relax and have some fun.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at pentahotel, Reading. I'd happily return here in the future, especially should the pinball machine still be there. The team are all remarkably friendly, and this hotel offers the perfect base from which to explore the delights of Reading’s city centre. This is a hotel that strives to be different, and although you will recognise all the familiarities of the hotels you already know, pentahotel certainly pushes the boundaries of the traditional hotel concept, making for a memorable stay.

    Photos courtesy of pentahotel

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