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    Château Les Carrasses Brasserie, Quarante Review

    Lieu-dit Les Carrasses, Route de Capestang, 34310 Quarante, France
    Château Les Carrasses Brasserie Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Quarante, France, French reviewsThe Bill: £54 per head

    The Château Les Carrasses brasserie is a casual dining restaurant located in Château Les Carrasses. The hotel sets the scene for an enjoyable evening, dining in an 18th Century architectural wonder is always a good start. The decor is simple, classic, and very elegant, in keeping with the rest of the hotel. There is a very causal and laid back atmosphere to the dining room, with friendly and helpful staff.

    We ordered a bottle of Château la Voulte Gasparets Cuvée Romain Pauc, 2011. A deep wine with a collection of black fruits, very smooth on the palate and great with meat dishes.

    To begin we ordered Ceviche of the day - which on this occasion was Tuna, served with a side salad. It came out gorgeously presented, the tuna was wonderfully dressed and finished with a piece of fresh lemon. A splendid dish, more than happy to send the plate back clear. We also had the Traditional Tarte Tatin topped with Black Pudding and homemade Foie Gras. The homemade foie gras was exceptional, they have a great recipe and it was very delicious. The flavours matched well with the Tarte Tatin topped with Black Pudding.

    “This is casual dining at its finest.”

    Our main course was Les Carrasses’ Specialty Burger, prepared with Beef Sirloin Roughly Chopped, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions and Mayo on a Toasted Sesame Bun, served with Potato Wedges and Salad. I have sampled a wide range of burgers and can say that this was an incredibly delicious. The beef was very fresh and tasty, a delightful burger. We also had the Beef Fillet, Caramelized Spring Onions and Ceps, served with a Winter Squash Soufflé.

    We ended with a couple of desserts, a serving of Homemade Red Fruit Macaroon, with Lime Flavoured Cream. This was absolutely delicious, a real highlight of the dining experience. Along with a Crème Catalan flavoured with Chestnut Scented Honey and Green Tea, a lovely sweet serving and a perfect end to a great evening. This is casual dining at its finest.

    Photos courtesy of Château Les Carrasses Brasserie
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