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Bagni Di Pisa

Largo Percy Bysshe Shelley, 18, 56017, Pisa, Italy
Bagni Di Pisa Review
5 Star Rating
7 April 2014Bagni Di Pisa
Tags: Pisa, Italy, Spa reviewsThe Bill: £690 per night

Bagni di Pisa is a wonderful hotel, situated just a short taxi ride away from the centre of Pisa. Once a summer spa location for Francesco Stefano of Lorena in 1743, the building itself has seen a wealth of important faces, including Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England, the Cardinal of York and Carlo Goldoni.

The hotel’s architects committed to restoring Bagni di Pisa back to its former glory, using the values and ethos of their Wellness Spa Company, the STB group, as the inspiration. Art and history have also played a huge part in making this hotel what it is today, and when we arrived, we were very impressed by what we saw.

“The hotel itself is certainly wonderful, but what makes Bagni di Pisa fantastic is its spa facilities.”

Nestled amongst picturesque country side, this hotel boasts a beautiful location. It truly is picture perfect. It makes for a wonderful first impression - an impression that is reinforced through the hotel’s service and luxury details. We were warmly greeted, and once checked in, shown straight to our suite.

Our suite was simply beautiful, with the original XVIII frescoed ceiling remaining. The suite consisted of a living room complete with sofa, armchairs and a writing desk, and a separate bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom was particularly beautiful - all in marble with a double basin, as well as both a shower and bath.

The colour palette consists of blended pastel colours, and offered a very relaxed tone. Adaptable air conditioning and good sized television catered for the mod-cons, and the impressively comfortable bed made for a lovely lie-in.

The hotel itself is certainly wonderful, but what makes Bagni di Pisa fantastic is its spa facilities. This spa is possibly one of the largest I have ever seen. The main feature point is the spa’s thermal pool, which surrounded by arch ways and pillars at the heart of the spa itself. There are also two smaller pools, including an 18% salt solution pool that is perfect for floating. The spa also offers a ‘grotto’, which is a natural cave complete with thermal waterfall and a pool dug out of the rock.

The treatments at Bagni di Pisa are also a treat. The Mud Treatment, where mud is applied at the temperature of 47° C (aiding muscle relaxation); the Thermal Bath at 38° C (helps alleviate muscle tension); and the Thermal Hydro Massage (treating the vascular system), are particular highlights - although there are many more to choose from!

Don’t be afraid to explore during your stay, either. There’s a quaint little village just outside the grounds that exudes traditional Italian culture. There are plenty of walking routes nearby also.

The restaurant is also worth a visit, offering a fantastic selection of low-calorie, vegetarian and Tuscan specialities, this is one not to miss.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Bagni di Pisa, and would highly recommend it as an authentic Tuscan retreat. The location, service and amenities all scored highly in our books, and we would very much like to return. Make sure it’s added to your Italian must visit list!

Photos courtesy of Bagni Di Pisa
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