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Le Grand Véfour, Paris

17 Rue Du Beaujolais, 75001 Paris, France
Le Grand Véfour Review
5 Star Rating
9 January 2015Le Grand Véfour
Tags: Paris, France, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £97 per head

Le Grand Vefour is another Guy Martin restaurant. We always enjoy dining at any of the Michelin-starred chef's restaurants, and have not had a bad experience yet. In fact, all of our experiences have been exceptional, so naturally we were excited to be visiting another of his establishments. It's a gastronomical restaurant with the finest gourmet offerings, we don't need an excuse to experience their renowned tasting menu.

Le Grand Vefour is located in the heart of Paris, next to the gardens of Palais Royal. The restaurant has been a wonderful edition to Parisian society for over 200 years and everything about it echoes tradition. It's a must visit for any lovers of history and fine food. The setting is unique, and maintains traditional values. I really cannot speak highly enough of the experience, it's a very romantic restaurant and simply a must for any couple looking set alight the flames of romance.

“This tasting menu was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.”

We sat down to the 7 course tasting menu, a journey involving a wide collection of flavours and experiences. Each dish was carefully paired with a wine to enhance the flavours and the experience. The sommelier was an artisan of his profession, and we wouldn't have changed a thing. The varied selection of French wines were simply perfect.

The first dish was Blue Lobster served warm, with Oyster Emulsion, Crunchy Cucumber, Avocado, and Chanterelles in Vinegar. I always enjoy starting a tasting menu with seafood, and the Warm Lobster was delicious. The presentation of the dishes are like a work of art, the care and attention to every ingredient is a wonder.

The second dish was Sea Scallops semi-cooked with Tonka Bean, accompanied by red and white beetroot. The combination of red and white beetroot was a delight, it added a sweet flavour to the juicy Sea Scallops.

We had Sole fish cooked on the bone, with Celeriac like a Risotto, and Infusion Juice with Saffron Pistils for our third dish. Another freshly prepared delicious offering. The fish was cooked to perfection and the saffron really brought out the flavour.

Our forth dish was Turbot thickly sliced as Meunière style, with Artichoke and Chinese Cabbage, Verbena Juice and Chorizo. Turbot is a exotic species of flatfish, with a fleshy moist texture. It's absolutely delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed the dish, the vegetables had been carefully chosen and presented. An all-round great dish.

We were served Filet of Roasted Lamb with its Juice, different preparations of Parsnip, with some as smoked in smashed puree as our fifth dish. Roasted lamb in its own juice is really delicious, the rich juices really keep a strong Lamb flavour. The collection of parsnips was the perfect accompaniment.

Our sixth dish from the tasting menu was a selection of Farm Cheese. There are many culinary things that France do well, and cheeses are one of them. The cheeses came out on an impressive cheese trolley and each one had its own poetic explanation, a nice touch. Cheese and wine is a delight for any foodie, and this was no exception.

Our final dish was a dessert, Manjari Cube, with Mango, Papaya and Passion-Coriander Sherbet, and a Ginger Shortbread Cookie. A refreshing dessert and a nice end to a wonderfully superb evening of dining. This tasting menu was an absolute pleasure from start to finish, we loved every dish.

Photos courtesy of Le Grand Véfour
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