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Le First, Paris

234 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
Le First Review
4 Star Rating
6 October 2014Le First
Tags: Paris, France, French reviewsThe Bill: £87 per head

Located in the Westin Hotel in Vendone, Le First restaurant is situated on the edge of the beautiful jardin de Tuileries. It’s a truly idyllic location, and the décor of the restaurant is nothing short of spectacular with am an elegant appearance.

We started our evening with cocktails in the hotels courtyard where there is a nice water feature, before retreating into the restaurant to be seated. The restaurant is beautifully furnished, and there is a strong purple theme.

The armchairs are incredibly comfortable, and we had a pride-of-place window seat. Our view from the window overlooked the beautiful gardens, and with the low level lighting and continental ambience there was a definite Parisian mood in the air.

“I would definitely return, and recommend this restaurant.”

We ordered a bottle of Diane de Belgrave, Bordeaux. A cherry-red wine, with a spicy and fruity aroma.

For our starters we had the French delicacy of Pan-sautéed Duck Foie Gras with Raw/Cooked Apples and Timut Pepper, and, Rabbit from the “Gâtinais” region, with Green Lentil, Chicory and Beetroots with Hazelnut Oil. Delicious dishes, the foie gras was very smooth and palatable, and the rabbit was tender and flavoursome.

For our main courses we ordered the Beef Filet, with a Choron Butter, potatoes and Thyme, and, a 280g Rib Steak with Choron Butter, Potatoes and Thyme. Both meat cuts were served exactly how we specified, and the Choron Butter accentuated the meat flavours perfectly.

We rounded off a fantastic evening with an Exotic Coffee Tiramisu, and a Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple Jelly. All splendid desserts, putting a cap on a very enjoyable evening.

The cuisine in the Le First is simple, but very well prepared. The presentation on the dishes was notable, and everything tasted lovely. I would definitely return, and recommend this restaurant.

Photos courtesy of Le First
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