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Le 68, Paris

68 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France
Le 68 Review
4 Star Rating
11 January 2015Le 68Tags: Paris, France, Casual reviewsThe Bill: £67 per head

Le 68 is another of the Guy Martin restaurants, and with the name Guy Martin comes exceptional quality and high expectations. This restaurant in my opinion is one of the most casual of the Guy Martin restaurants, and gives diners the chance to take a dip into his world without diving into the full tasting gastronomic experience.

The restaurant is in the basement of the Guerlain perfume shop within the heart of Paris. The interior is lavish and we loved the design elements used, the decor is subtle and elegant and true to its Parisian roots.

To begin we ordered the Foie Gras and Vanilla from Madagascar in Puff Pastry, Acid Blue Feet Mushrooms and Passion Fruit. A delicious collection of flavours, and the puff pastry was gorgeous with a crisp finish. My partner decided on the Sardines, Escabèche and Ventrèche of Tuna, with fine Puree of Artichokes Heightened by Bergamote. A superbly presented dish, with equally superb flavours. The sardines and tuna tasted incredibly fresh and were complimented well with the other flavours.

“An experience well worth having if you’re in the area.”

Our main courses were Net of Lamb masked in Fresh Herbs, with Sauté Vegetables and Peppermint. A succulent piece of lamb, absolutely delicious with the herb and mint flavours. Lamb and mint is a perfect marriage, and the attention to the preparation of this dish was divine. My partner had the Peking Duck with Honey, raised with Séchuan’s pepper. This came with Orange and Cardamom, Tuberous Chervil and Chanterelles with Walnuts. The duck was cooked to perfection, and the honey gave a sweet tasting experience, a delicious dish, we were more than happy to send back clean plates.

We ordered a bottle of Chateau Rocher-Bonregard, Pomerol, 2011 for the table. A wine with an attractive, deep hue, and a fleshy, plum and blackcurrant attack. It was an enjoyable evening from the moment we entered the restaurant, and the food was excellent. An experience well worth having if you’re in the area.

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