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Macdonald Bear Hotel, Oxford

Park St, Woodstock OX20 1SZ, UK
Macdonald Bear Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
3 September 2016Macdonald Bear HotelTags: Oxford, UK, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £320 per night

The Bear Hotel is part of the Macdonald group of hotels and resorts and is located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. The hotel is in a large four-story period building, with green ivy crawling over the brickwork and lots of wonderful flowers.

The hotel is within walking distance of magnificent Blenheim Palace if visiting this historic estate is on your agenda. Otherwise you have the Oxfordshire Museum, shopping, and some countryside all a short distance away. There is always a lot to explore in Oxfordshire so you won’t be short of day trips or things to see.

We experienced a Feature Suite during our stay, and the feature for us had to be the large, antique carved four-poster bed which took pride of place in the bedroom area of our suite. The bed is the first thing your eyes fall on as you open the door, and it definitely gives the room an air of romance. Making this suite the perfect choice if you’re looking for a romantic getaway.

“The Bear Hotel provides a wealth of historic charm.”

Our room overlooked the courtyard which captured all the charm of Woodstock. We also had a living area which featured a sofa and dining table. The suite also had a bathroom with a large bath, and a separate wet room. The suite was more than adequate for what we wanted, the decor was clean and crisp, whilst retaining its original charm.

Other facilities include a restaurant which offers a wide range of dishes, a lot of which are created with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can also find ‘The Churchill Lounge’, a lounge serving morning coffee and afternoon tea.

The Bear Hotel is in a great location, the staff were a delight, and the suite was superb. We recommend booking one of their Feature Suites to experience the magnificent bed as this is an experience not easily found elsewhere. We had a relaxing and enjoyable stay and will certainly be visiting again.

Photos courtesy of Macdonald Bear Hotel
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