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Cinnamon Kitchen, Oxford

309 The Westgate, Queen St, Oxford OX1 1PG, UK
Cinnamon Kitchen, Oxford Review
4 Star Rating
23 March 2018Cinnamon Kitchen, OxfordTags: Oxford, UK, Indian reviewsThe Bill: £48 per head

Cinnamon Kitchen is part of the Vivek Singh group of restaurants, a name that we have come to trust over the years. We have yet to be disappointed by a meal at one of their restaurants, and have always walked away with a memorable dining experience.

Cinnamon kitchen Oxford is located in Oxford’s latest ‘Westgate’ development on the top floor, offering stunning views across the city. The décor is fairly minimalistic and casual, the service is prompt and charming, and the menu offers an intriguing selection of Indian cuisine.

When we arrived we were greeted with a smile and shown to our table. For pre-dinner drinks my partner went for a glass of the Autreau-Roualet Brut Réserve NV Champagne and I opted for a well-made, classic Negroni. We savoured our drinks as we made our menu choices.

To begin, I ordered the chargrilled sea bass which was served in a banana leaf parcel with lime pickle and sticky rice. The fish was perfectly cooked - soft and flaky in the middle - and the lime pickle was simply delicious. My partner chose the grilled chicken skewer served with labna, rose petals, pomegranate and toasted buckwheat.

“The décor is fairly minimalistic and casual, the service is prompt and charming, and the menu offers an intriguing selection of Indian cuisine.”

For our main courses, I opted for the chargrilled rump of lamb which was served with keema karela, spinach and nutmeg sauce. This dish was rich and aromatic and offered an abundance of flavour. My partner chose the Old Delhi style butter chicken, which was beautifully flavoursome. We also added sides which included their dal trio which is yellow lentils, black lentils and chickpeas as well as pilau rice.

To accompany our meal, we chose a bottle of 2015, Mas des Capitelles Faugeres Vieilles Vignes, Languedoc, France, which is a full bodied red wine with a fruity palate of red and black fruits. It complemented our meal wonderfully.

If you find yourself in Oxford and enjoy a good curry then be sure to take a look at Cinnamon Kitchen. We are pleased to say that Cinnamon Kitchen has retained its reputation, and we will look forward to our next meal at one of their restaurants.

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