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Palazzo Seneca, Norcia

Via Cesare Battisti, 12, 06046 Norcia PG, Italy
Palazzo Seneca Review
5 Star Rating
4 September 2014Palazzo SenecaTags: Norcia, Italy, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £320 per night

Palazzo Seneca can be found located in the charming town of Norcia, Italy. The building itself is in fact a former 16th century royal palace; and it is still to this day, fit for royalty.

Upon arrival, we were checked in quickly and efficiently by the wonderful staff, and shown to our room. During our stay, we decided to experience their generously sized Junior Suite, which boasted the most incredible, wooden four-poster bed.

“...The ideal, Italian escape.“

A huge antique wardrobe also graces the room, as well as a Chesterfield armchair, several lamps for mood lighting, and the most wonderfully plumped pillows.

Whilst exploring the hotel, we were delighted to come across a beautiful library, which sees a secret door through to a private dining room. This room would be just perfect for a special occasion, or a romantic dinner date.

As well as the private dining room, there is a lounge area with the most incredible fireplace, and another lounge style room with hugely comfortable armchairs. This is the perfect place in which to enjoy a lovely glass of wine. The restaurant, Vespasia is also very good indeed - our experience was faultless.

This intimate boutique hotel holds a wealth of character, and it is an absolute joy to experience.

The property is simply stunning. We were thoroughly impressed with our stay from start to finish; everything from the staff to the comfort of our room was just wonderful.

We would certainly recommend Palazzo Seneca for a romantic break, or even for business travel. The spa treatments offer a fantastic way to unwind, and the character in the building really makes for an authentic and relaxing, cultured stay. It is the ideal, Italian escape.

Photos courtesy of Palazzo Seneca
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