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    Mandarin Bar, Munich

    Neuturmstrasse 1, 80331, Germany
    Mandarin Bar Review
    5 Star Rating
    9 November 2012Mandarin Bar
    Tags: Munich, Germany, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £35 per head

    The Mandarin Oriental in Munich offers the same enticing mix of oriental luxury with local charm that can be found in any hotel under the Mandarin Oriental banner. Set in the heart of this beautiful city, the hotel is nestled in a quiet street by only minutes from Munich’s famous attractions. Providing guests with luxurious comfort, the hotel offers fantastic service, beautiful décor and oriental touches.

    The Mandarin Bar is tucked into the side of the hotel lobby. Decorated with warm and inviting colours, the bar creates a relaxing but stylish atmosphere that is perfect for new arrivals or established guests. Providing the ideal combination of traditional drinks and light meals, the bar caters for all.

    The bar itself served a mixture of cocktails, fine wines and liqueurs to suit any pallet. Accompanied by friendly jazz music and impeccable service, the bar creates an atmosphere that is enjoyed by guests and locals alike.

    “Our visit to the Mandarin bar was enjoyable and mirrored the stylish atmosphere that is created from the moment you enter the hotel itself.”

    While visiting the bar we enjoyed a light lunch. We sampled three Lebanese dishes created by the hotel’s in-house Lebanese chef. The first of these dishes was falafels served with a garnish of lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Simple but elegant, this dish was perfect as a large snack or light lunch.

    We also ordered a hummus dish which was presented in a beautiful bowl. We accompanied this with a third dish, a tabouli salad. Presented well and accompanied by excellent service, our lunch was elegant and fresh. We decided to enjoy our meal with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne which perfectly matched our delicious lunch and reflected the classic atmosphere of the bar.

    Overall, our visit to the Mandarin bar was enjoyable and mirrored the stylish atmosphere that is created from the moment you enter the hotel itself. We would definitely visit the Mandarin bar again in the future.

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