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Principe di Savoia, Milan

Piazza della Repubblica, 17, 20124 Milan, Italy
Principe di Savoia Review
5 Star Rating
14 December 2016Principe di Savoia
Tags: Milan, Italy, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £450 per night

Being part of the Dorchester Collection gives this hotel a stamp of approval before arriving. Principe di Savoia is located just a few steps from the city center on Piazza della Repubblica you shall find the ever so elegant Principe di Savoia.

As we pulled up on the forecourt our doors were opened, our luggage was taken, and we were escorted to the check-in desk. The Dorchester Collection signature style echoes throughout the hotel and fills us with a trusted familiarity. After a swift check-in we were escorted through a host of corridors with a unique and interesting character that provided a notable journey to our Ambassador Junior Suite.

Principe di Savoiao The Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

The suite itself is intimate, with resplendent wood, fabric panelling, and traditional Italian furniture. The decor invokes a historical type of glamour from the 19th-century that many hotels are unable to capture. There is a real sense that the original character of the hotel has been respected and maintained. You can feel an air of luxury with superb attention to detail.

There were three distinct and separate chapters to the suite. The living area, the bedroom chamber, and the marble bathroom. There is the most inviting feeling of warmth when you enter the suite, a feeling that once you kick off your shoes a sumptuously cushioned sofa will be there to catch your fall. This is exactly what we did and the adjoining doors meant that the ornate bedroom could be admired from the comfort of the sofa.

Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

The suite immerses you fully into its captive arms if you allow it, and itís a comforting feeling being surrounded by a timeless elegance. If itís penultimate luxury youíre seeking, this hotel over-delivers.

ďA fine example of what a historic hotel has to offer.Ē

As you can tell, our adulation is clear. Once we venture from the bedroom we are drawn towards the bright lights and crisp white marble of the bathroom. Regardless of whether you are partial to a long bubble bath to melt your troubles away, or a short sharp shower to refresh, you are well catered for here.

Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

If the comfort of your suite ever tires, you will find plenty to do outside of its private walls The hotel spa is nothing short of exceptional. With a heated indoor pool and jacuzzi, a vast array of spa treatments, and a large gym with the option of a personal trainer for those looking to keep fit or be pampered.

If you are looking for a dining option during your stay, we would recommend the hotelís restaurant, Acanto, where we sampled their divine tasting menu.

The Principe di Savoia is a fine example of what a historic hotel has to offer in the way of a unique, captivating experience. We left with a lasting impression and would love to return again in the future.

Photos courtesy of Principe di Savoia
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