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    Olio, Milan Review

    Piazzale Lavater, 1, 20129 Milan, Italy
    Olio Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Milan, Italy, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £48 per head

    Olio is an intimate and traditional restaurant that can be found located right in the heart of Milan. Their menu offers a real celebration of Apulian cuisine, fusing traditional Apulian cuisine with modern twists and intriguing variations on classic dishes.

    You have the option to dine both inside or outside on their enclosed terrace. While the inside dining area was appealing with its intimate and intriguing design, we decided to take the latter option and take advantage of their pleasant outdoor area.

    The staff were very friendly and helpful when it came to deciding on the menu, and each dish that came from the kitchen demonstrated a high degree of creativity and an attention to detail that raised our excitement.

    We decided to begin our evening sipping two glasses of their chilled Polvanera Spumante Rose out on the terrace. A lively sparkling wine that’s pleasing to taste, with a good balance of flavours.

    To begin, I decided on the fava beans cream, which is served with chicory, sweet red pepper, black olive, and cream. A beautiful dish, masterfully prepared and presented, the flavours were simply beautiful and it took me right back to my time spent in Puglia. My partner opted for the creamed oil risotto, which was served with zucchini, lemon, burrata cheese, confit tomatoes, complete with overcooked calf. A superb blend of flavours that married together perfectly, and a dish we’d happily order again.

    “We recommend anyone visiting the wonderful city of Milan to go out of their way to stop by Olio.”

    For our main course, I decided to try the variations of lamb, which was served with pepper, caper bush, mint, and basil. Each variation was beautifully presented, tender and juicy, and delivered its own intriguing flavour which failed to disappoint. My partner opted for the fresh rockfish, which was served with carrot and baby vegetables. The rockfish was cooked to perfection, it had a lovely texture and was packed with flavour. We certainly had no regrets about our choices.

    We decided to pass on dessert after indulging in our first two courses. To continue our Apulian experience however, we decided on a bottle of 2013, Polvanera 17 Primitivo Gioia del Colle, Puglia, Italy. An elegant wine with fascinating notes that included ginger, tobacco, pepper, and druid fruits.

    We have become fans of Olio, the service was prompt, each dish exceeded expectations, and it’s become another must visit destination when in Milan. We look forward to visiting again in the future, and recommend anyone visiting the wonderful city of Milan go out of their way to stop by.

    Photos courtesy of Olio

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