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Just Cavalli Milano

Via Luigi Camoens, 20121, Italy
Just Cavalli Milano Review
4 Star Rating
28 September 2014Just Cavalli MilanoTags: Milan, Italy, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £74 per head

The atmosphere of this restaurant can only be described as electric, and it is certainly a type of dining experience that you do not encounter very often. People dine here when they want to be seen and this is due in a large part to the Cavalli name. The crowd that enjoy an evening here is very specific and they come for the food and unique atmosphere.

"A real touch of authenticity"

The menu features a number of Cavalli family recipes and this adds a real touch of authenticity to the whole experience. We also appreciated the touch of dressing the tables and chairs with Cavalli fabrics, as this gives the venue an air of exclusivity, as these dressings would not be found anywhere else.

To start I ordered Goats Cheese Raviolo with Artichokes and Rosemary Olive Oil. Goats cheese is a particular favourite of mine, and this didn't disappoint. My partner chose Risotto with White Truffle from Alba which was also very good.

The main courses were also very good, I had Lamb Chops Scottadito with Potatoes and Blueberry Jam and my partner decided on Red King Salmon with Artichokes, Olives and Bergamot. We both found that the main courses were very filling and so we did not have a dessert as we would not have been able to manage it.

Our chosen wine for the evening was Cavalli Tenuta degli Dei Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy 2010 and we shared this wine throughout the meal.

The music gets louder as the night progresses, and we ate our meal early on so we were able to have a conversation whilst eating. The atmosphere heightens throughout the night and you are not rushed out after you have finished eating so are you able to enjoy some drinks while soaking up the atmosphere.

Photos courtesy of Just Cavalli Milano
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