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Bottega, Melbourne

74 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Bottega Review
4 Star Rating
22 August 2015Bottega
Tags: Melbourne, Australia, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £63 per head

Bottega is a cosy, intimate Italian restaurant in Melbourne. The ambience is welcoming, and the plush leather seats and soft lighting make for a relaxing evening. We experienced a nice booth on our visit, which is worth requesting if you’re booking a table. We were well looked after from the moment we stepped food inside, and the food was exceptional. We would have no hesitation returning to Bottega.

As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome’, so we started the evening with some pasta dishes. I ordered House-Made Pappardelle, with Kidden Park Goat Ragu and Pecorino. The house-made pappardelle was absolutely delicious, a dish I would love to have again. My partner ordered the Risotto Carnaroli, with Australian Prawns and Smoked Herring Pearls. An interesting dish, and nice to experience some local catch, most enjoyable.

“We would have no hesitation returning to Bottega.”

Moving on, we ordered the free-range chargrilled half Chicken from Bendigo. This is served with Jerusalem Artichoke, Butter Poached Baby Turnips and Watercress. The chargrilled Chicken was once again a delight, I liked the presentation of the dish. My partner ordered the Grass-fed Scotch Fillet Tagliata, served with Porcini Butter and Pickled Shallots. Equally as delicious and well presented, we added sides of Rosemary Potatoes cooked three times, and Roast Brussels Sprouts with Braised n’duja.

Our chosen wine for the evening was a bottle of Poggiotondo Cerro del Masso, Chianti, 2013. This is a lovely Italian wine, with a red cherry body supported by darker fruits and a long, fresh taste. The menu at Bottega is well designed, each dish was well prepared and presented, if you like Italian food you are going to leave suitably impressed. Bottega gets a strong recommendation from us.

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