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Zinque, Los Angeles

8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90048, USA
Zinque Review
4 Star Rating
14 March 2015ZinqueTags: Los Angeles, USA, Casual reviewsThe Bill: Ł43 per head

Zinque is located in West Hollywood on Melrose. It's a small bar and restaurant, with a secluded garden patio area that's home to tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes. We decided to dine outside as it was a lovely evening, enjoying the space, views and ambience. It's an ideal place to enjoy early evening drinks and light bites.

During the colder nights of the year wall mounted heaters are on hand to keep people warm, so there is no excuse to not enjoy the evening outside. If its people watching you enjoy, then our table was the perfect location as we picked a table overlooking Melrose. You can opt to sit further away too if you prefer privacy.

"We had a fun experience and enjoyed some delicious simple cuisine."

The service was friendly and on point, the menu leans more towards the wine options than cocktails, and the food is more of a range of tapas style dishes rather than large dishes. But with this in mind, a great location, excellent food, and great service makes for a wonderful experience.

We had the Charcuterie Plate to share and a serving of Grilled Prawns with Herbs. The Charcuterie Plate was brought out, with a range of Meats, Pâté, and some Mousse Truffle. The food was well presented and we couldn't wait to sample all the different flavours. The meat cuts were fresh and delicious. The different pâté and truffle mousse made the experience interesting.

The food was paired with a glass of Domaine du Trapadis. A wine rich in flavour with black fruit, sweet spice, and a note of mocha. Dining outside on a warm LA night while watching the busy bustle of Melrose is not something I will forget in a hurry. We had a fun experience and enjoyed some delicious simple cuisine, I recommend spending an evening at Zinque.

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