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Spice Affair, Los Angeles

50 North La Cienega Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211, USA
Spice Affair Review
5 Star Rating
16 April 2015Spice Affair
Tags: Los Angeles, USA, Indian reviewsThe Bill: £64 per head

Spice Affair is one of Beverly Hills’ stand out Indian Restaurants. It serves modern takes on Indian Classics you’d expect from traditional restaurants.

The food was exquisite, we had a lovely booth that made for a private, enjoyable evening. This is definitely one for the spice lovers.

We started the evening with cocktails, opting for a ‘Citrus Clove’, containing smoky flavours of Bulleit Bourbon poured over ice and stirred with Fresh Cloves, Cucumber, and some Lime and Lemon. I can tell you, it’s incredibly refreshing.

“We definitely recommend Spice Affair for an Indian sensation in LA.”

To start we ordered a Mix Max Bhel of Micro Greens with Puffed Rice, Tomato and Chaat dressing. Certainly a good choice to wake up the palate. Along with a Duck and Date Melange, cooked with Duck Breast as a Melange and served over Crisp Papdi Bread. A classic dish, packed with flavour.

For our main courses we ordered a serving of Shrimp and Scallops, prepared with Moilee Kerela Style Coconut, with Curry Leaf and Mustard Sauce. An absolute taste sensation packed into a meal. My partner decided on the Northie Lamb Bliss, prepared with Tender Lamb and cooked to perfection. We ordered side dishes of Dal Uttery, which are Black Lentils prepared overnight for a more flavoursome delight.

We sipped from a bottle of Pinot Patch Pinot Noir California 2012. An interesting wine with aromas of Strawberry, and undertones of wet slate. Our evening was enjoyable from the moment we arrived. We definitely recommend Spice Affair for an Indian sensation in LA.

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