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    Faith & Flower, Los Angeles Review

    705 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, 90015, USA
    Faith & Flower Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Los Angeles, USA, Seafood reviewsThe Bill: £78 per head

    Located in Downtown LA you will find Faith and Flower. This is possibly my favourite when it comes to Downtown restaurants, and in such a competitive area that’s nothing to take lightly.

    We visited Faith and Flower last year and loved it so much we wanted to return again to see how things had changed since their opening period in 2014. I’m happy to say that Faith and Flower have retained the charisma I remember, along with the high standards and quality of everything that lands on the table.

    They have some really creative cocktails on their menu, along with some divine food creations. This restaurant comes highly recommended, and is definitely one to consider.

    We started with a couple of cocktails. A ‘Silvio’s Mule’, which is mixed with Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Meletti, Fresh Lime, Ginger and Bubbles. I have to say, this is a spectacular cocktail and it’s hard not to order another straight away. We also sampled the ‘Tipple of Swede’, comprising of Absolut Elyx, Peche de Vigne, Fresh Lime and Pineapple. Another moorish cocktail, most enjoyable.

    “Faith and Flower fails to disappoint”

    To begin we ordered the Kanpachi Ceviche with Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Kennebec Potato Chips. The Kanpachi was delicious, and the Ginger Beer gave it an interesting flavour. We also sampled the Fennel and Citrus Salad with Toasted Pistachio and Manchego Cheese. Another superbly presented dish, and very flavoursome.

    After such enjoyable starter dishes, we were excited to see our main dishes being brought to our table. We had the Seared Petrale Sole, with Smoked Potato Fondue, Fava Bean Salsa, and Radish Salad. The fish was wonderfully seasoned, and complimented by the salsa. We also sampled the Ballotine of Rabbit, with Roasted Young Carrots and Spring Onions, and served in natural jus. Rabbit is delicious when cooked well, and this dish was spot on.

    We ordered a bottle of Lagone, Aia Vecchia, Toscana, 2010 to enjoy with our meal. Faith and Flower remains one of my favourite restaurants to visit in Downtown LA, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Photos courtesy of Faith & Flower
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