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Urban Villa, London

Great West Road, Brentford, London TW8 0GA, UK
Urban Villa Review
4 Star Rating
10 February 2015Urban VillaTags: London, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £210 per night

Located in Brentwood, this new high rise hotel stands beside the M4. Although it's not centrally located, it does make for a great location for those flying from Heathrow. It allows flyers to experience the capital, at the same time as being close to the airport. Along with being a stylish and new hotel, I can see why this would be a popular choice.

Urban Villa has a modern, striking glass structure. It's not your typical hotel, either outside or inside. Upon entering the lobby there is a very informal feel to the reception desk, and it becomes instantly obvious that there was a great deal of creative thought around designing the hotel. The ground level area is a large open plan space with communal table, offering plenty of room to explore.

After going through a brief check-in process, we were pointed in the direction of our Master Villa on the sixth floor. Upon entering the suite we did feel slightly underwhelmed by the size, with the name Master Villa we had set our hopes high. However, putting that aside and focusing on the suite. There was an open plan front room and kitchen, and a separate good sized winter garden with a sun lounger.

"It's new, stylish, and in an interesting location."

The floor to ceiling windows provide some impressive views over the area of Brentford. Some of the panels slide open too, giving you that feel of bringing the outdoors, indoors. The bathroom was a decent size, and included a bath and shower combination. There was a grey tone throughout, giving a very modern-chic feel and appearance to the suite. There was also an intriguing choice of art work throughout the suite, offering plenty of focal and talking points.

There are other facilities for guests, such as the eatery in the lobby area, and 'Sour Diesel' which is their indoor-outdoor lounge. It's a trendy hangout, with high ceilings, live vegetation, towering glass, and a wide range of interesting drinks. Overall Urban Villa is certainly a little different from the rest if nothing else. It's new, stylish, and in an interesting location.

Photos courtesy of Urban Villa
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