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Tsukiji Sushi, London

37 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 2YF, UK
Tsukiji Sushi Review
5 Star Rating
18 January 2014Tsukiji Sushi
Tags: London, UK, Sushi reviewsThe Bill: £48 per head

Tsukiji is a Sushi restaurant situated in Mayfair, London. Located inside The Westbury Hotel, this restaurant is a great hotspot for those who enjoy their Japanese cuisine. Head Chef Show Choong sources his ingredients from all over the world, making sure they are as fresh as possible, and in some cases, fairly rare.

We began our evening with a couple of pre-dinner cocktails in the Polo Bar; an impressive space that is very in keeping with its Mayfair location. We opted to sample a Wild Lavendar - a vodka based cocktail with lavender syrup, lime and cranberry - and a Pomegranate - a gin based cocktail with, you guessed it, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

We then went on to try a Golden Temptation, which consisted of vodka, pear liqueur, ginger and lime; and a Zesty Grapefruit Collins, which was a sharp take on a classic vodka Collins. The cocktails at the Polo Bar are delicious, and as a great treat, each martini is served with its own mini martini glass full of the remaining mixed cocktail for your company to try.

ďThe food was, quite simply, beautiful.Ē

Once we had finished our cocktails, we sat down to eat. The restaurant itself is an intimate space, with just a few tables. We were lucky enough to secure a table right next to the window overlooking the wonderful Conduit Street.

We started our meal with king prawn tempura and some sushi, including a California roll - snow crab, avocado and flying fish row - and a Spicy Tekka tuna roll. The flavours were so fresh and delicious, we could easily have eaten them all over again before our main courses; but itís a good job we didnít spoil them...

For our main dishes, we opted to try the Kamo Teriyaki - pan-fried duck fillet with teriyaki sauce - and the Beef Teriyaki with beef from Scotland. We also shared a portion of steamed gohan rice with our main dishes.

The food was, quite simply, beautiful. Prepared by the chef behind a counter in the restaurant itself, itís a real experience to see them at work. Itís fair to say that Show Choong has created a fabulous menu that the team evidently put a lot of passion into.

We would thoroughly recommend Tsukiji as one to visit. We really enjoyed our evening. Not only is the food of a fantastic standard, but the service is too.

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Photos courtesy of Tsukiji Sushi
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