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The Halkin, London

5-6 Halkin St, London SW1X 7DJ, UK
The Halkin Review
5 Star Rating
21 June 2016The HalkinTags: London, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £580 per night

The Halkin is a luxury hotel located just a stone’s throw away from Hyde Park, making this hotel the perfect choice for those looking to explore London’s attractions. This 5-star property is understated from the outside, however as soon as you step foot inside the hotel and take-in the elegant, yet discreet decor, you realise you’re somewhere special.

After a swift check-in we were escorted to the Belgravia Suite. Their Belgravia Suites are designed with an Italian elegance that would be equally at home in Rome as it is in the heart of London. The suite is very spacious, and it has an open-plan layout with a living area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

We have to talk about the gorgeous marble bathroom. It came complete with a large corner bath, twin wash basins, and some bath salts inviting you to take a long, relaxing soak. The kitchen was compact, but was more than adequate for a hotel suite and met our needs. It featured an espresso machine and mini bar.

“We had a relaxing, unique, and enjoyable experience.”

The bed was very comfortable, we can’t fault it in anyway as we had a wonderful night's sleep. The suite also had all the technology you could need, with complimentary WiFi, satellite TV, USB charging points, and the best feature, a touch-screen console to control the lighting, room temperature and the digital ‘do not disturb’. Overall, all the furnishings are finished to a very high standard, and it was a joy to experience.

We left with the hotel corridors as one of our talking points. They are very design-orientated, and provide a lot to admire while parading to your room. The hotel is also home to their one-Michelin Star restaurant, Ametsa with Arzak Instruction for your evening dining, and The Halkin Bar which is a great place to relax and begin your evening with some cocktail creations.

The Halkin Hotel is situated in a great location in the heart of London, and provides a quiet and elegant retreat away from the bustle of the main city while you’re inside. We had a relaxing, unique, and enjoyable experience. The Halkin gets a thumbs up from us, and we would happily stay here again.

Photos courtesy of The Halkin
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