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The Beaumont Hotel, London

8 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TF, UK
The Beaumont Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
16 December 2016The Beaumont HotelTags: London, UK, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £1,170 per night

The Beaumont Hotel is nestled in London's trendy Mayfair, the hotel offers visitors something a little special, it's an Art Deco delight which encompasses the essence of luxury hospitality, from the outside you have a monolith of a building, and inside art adorns the walls and sculptures continually surprise and impress.

The hotel itself is best described as quintessentially British, which is more than fitting considering it's location. It's also an art lover's paradise, it feels like there is always another piece of art to be discovered.

On arrival we were greeted with nothing less than a grand affair. After being greeted by a well-dressed concierge our luggage was attended to, we were whisked through a swift check-in, and it was not long before we were travelling through the hotel's corridors admiring the period paintings and sumptuous wood paneling.

The Beaumont Hotel The Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

Our suite is nothing short of unexpected. An Art Deco palace with soft, calming cream tones, with tradition being maintained down to the finest details. As we ventured through to the bathroom the suite hidden ROOM comes into view. We discovered a haunting, crisp white staircase leading to the star attraction of the Antony Gormley ROOM, an art insulation, a sculptured dulcet chamber of darkness where a world of intrigue transpires.

"What lies between the walls at the Beaumont is truly unique."

On face value the ROOM looks simple with just a bed. But as you dive in and absorb your surroundings you realise it's much more than a bed. It's a place to soak in the true depth of what this art insulation has to offer. As your head touches the crisp white pillow, your eyes will gaze at the ceiling where chapter after chapter of wood paneling lines the ceiling, each piece no doubt with its own story to hold. As you let your eyes explore each dimension you fall into a state of meditation, the room can take you somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily travel to pre-slumber, a deeper state of comfort and relaxation to behold.

Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

The combination of art and luxury sets the Beaumont experience apart from its competitors. When the luxury reaches its crescendo the keen emphasis on 'the experience' is what sets this ROOM apart.

Another part of this experience is the chance to experience their chauffeur driven vintage Daimler, which will drop you anywhere within a 1 mile radius. It's a great way to arrive for dinner, not just a great way but an unparalleled experience for any car lover. We must also mention the spa which allows guests to enjoy their gorgeous cold plunge pool, steam room and sauna or for those looking to keep fit they have a well-equipped gym.

Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia Principe di Savoia

If you're looking to dine, the hotel is home to The Colony Grill Room and The American Bar which really need to be visited in person to appreciate the beautiful design and attention to detail - for hotel guests you have the privilege of visiting The Cub Room which is reserved exclusively for hotel guests and provides a sense of calm.

What lies between the walls at the Beaumont is a truly unique and memorable experience. A personalised journey for everyone, and we can't recommend this experience highly enough.

Photos courtesy of The Beaumont Hotel
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