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    St James Bar, London

    6 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AN, UK
    St James Bar Review
    5 Star Rating
    6 March 2018St James Bar
    Tags: London, UK, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £36 per head

    The St James Bar can be found located inside Sofitel St James, however this bar is a destination in its own right. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s 1920’s apartment, you can expect an abundance of elegance and style, making this bar a firm go-to. Offering a menu full of cocktails and light bites, you will also find a selection of exclusive Champagnes. There really is something at St James Bar for everyone.

    When we visited, we experienced their newly launched winter cocktail collection. We were intrigued by the cocktails on the list, which were truly magical. Inspired by fairy tales and legends alike, each cocktail came with its own description inside the cocktail list adorned with the apt title ‘Once Upon a Time’. Each page boasted a quaint illustration and a bit of blurb as to what they were all about.

    During our visit, I sampled both an Enchanted Rose cocktail, and a Fear O’clock. The Enchanted Rose was a flowery and sour cocktail which was mixed with Belvedere vodka infused with red berries, framboise eau de vie fortified with white tea syrup, St Germain liqueur, Peychaud’s bitters and rose water to complete. The Fear O’Clock saw Mount Gay Black Barrel rum infused with tisane Fidji, homemade sweet vermouth, Campari and violet liqueur, making it a bitter-sweet delight.

    “This type of innovation is one of the reasons we have always been fond of the St James Bar...”

    My partner chose the Satine’s Dilemma as well as the Dragon’s Son. The Satine’s Dilemma saw Botanist gin blended with rose syrup, plum bitters, lemon juice, homemade grape shrub and bitter foam. This cocktail was served with an edible diamond and rose petal. The Dragon’s Son saw Metaxa 12 Stars infused with Nuit d’Eté, Sauternes infused with Bulgare tea, Taylor’s 20, sugar syrup, Campari and homemade sloe gin mousse.

    Each cocktail was masterfully mixed and created, and came with a certain level of theatrics one might expect from an entire menu of fairy-tale cocktails. Think bright colours and dramatic garnishes. We were blown away by the craft and creatives found at the St James Bar.

    Overall we had a splendid evening experiencing the delights of this new cocktail experience. This type of innovation is one of the reasons we have always been fond of the St James Bar, and is certainly reason enough for it to come highly recommended by us as a great spot for a drink and a bite to eat.

    Photos courtesy of St James Bar
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