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Punch Room, London

10 Berners Street, London W1T 3NP, UK
Punch Room Review
5 Star Rating
8 December 2014Punch RoomTags: London, UK, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £74 per head

Located in the Edition Hotel in London is the Punch Room. Tucked away at the rear of the hotel and by reservation only, this is a special place.

There is low level lighting and comfortable chairs. The décor is beautiful, and the room is a small and intimate setting. The staff are very welcoming, and it’s easy to feel relaxed here.

The fumed-oak panelled surroundings are reminiscent of the nineteenth-century private clubs in London, and the background music complete the experience of an exclusive club.

“Our experience was a pleasurable one from start to finish.”

As the name suggests, in the Punch Room you find some exotic and unique bowls of punch. All servings come large enough for two, four. Six or eight. So it’s a fun place to enjoy with a partner or a group of friends.

To begin we tried the ‘Edition Punch’, which was a combination of Tanqueray Gin, Lemon Juice, Oak Moss Syrup, Orange Blossom Water, and Jasmine Tea. A delicious blend of flavours, and a very refreshing punch.

Next up we ordered a bowl of ‘Oxford Punch’, an exquisite blend of Port, Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Havana Club Rum, Green Tea, Lemon Sherbet, and Orange Sherbet. Another delectable mix of flavours, wrapped up in a delicious punch.

It was approaching Christmas when we stopped by, so we felt it was fitting to sample their Christmas punch named ‘Cirockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’, which was a blend of Ciroc Vodka, Jameson Irish Whisky, Ratalia, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Mulled Wine, Syrup and Bokers Bitter. With the mulled wine and whisky there was a definite festive feel to this punch.

We wouldn’t hesitate to return, our experience was a pleasurable one from start to finish. A recommendation for anyone with a penchant for enjoying punch in a lavish setting.

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