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Morton's Club - The Bar, London

28 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6EN, UK
Morton's Club - The Bar Review
5 Star Rating
22 January 2014Morton's Club - The Bar
Tags: London, UK, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £84 per head

Morton’s private members’ club hosts a highly acclaimed bar, offering an impressive selection of cocktails. Situated in Mayfair, Morton’s overlooks Berkeley Square and boasts a buzzy atmosphere. Many private members’ clubs in London can be accused of pretention, but that is simply not what Morton’s is about; it offers exclusivity in a relaxed setting.

We were impressed by the atmosphere during our visit, and very much enjoyed the bar’s intriguing artwork as we awaited our first cocktail. We began our evening with an ‘Eight Clouds’ cocktail - a fruity, tequila based mix with fresh pomegranate, orange blossom bitters and honey - and a ‘Cinnomatic’ - a spicky vodka, apple and cinnamon blend.

"Don’t forget to make the ‘Spicy Dog’ the first cocktail on your list to try!"

We then moved on to try a ‘Riddle’ with vodka, fresh grapes, elderflower and apple juice, which was very refreshing; and a ‘Rivoli’ - a vodka blend with vanilla and apricot brandy.

Finally, we enjoyed a ‘Vanilla Moments’, which contained a blend of apple vodka with mint and vanilla syrup, and our favourite cocktail of the evening - a ‘Spicy Dog’ - that contained fresh ginger and chili with vodka and homemade honey syrup.

The flavour combinations blew us away. The Mixologists at Morton’s bar are clearly very talented. For us, cocktails really are an art form. With so many bars across the country offering their different versions, it’s always refreshing for us to come across a bar offering a unique and cleverly created selection.

We can not recommend Morton’s bar enough. As the evening goes on, the atmosphere only gets better. Don’t forget to make the ‘Spicy Dog’ the first cocktail on your list to try!

Photos courtesy of Morton's Club - The Bar
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