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Mondrian London

20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD, UK
Mondrian London Review
5 Star Rating
14 October 2014Mondrian LondonTags: London, UK, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £410 per night

Having frequented their American counterparts we were excited to hear that The Mondrian brand was about to explode onto the London hotel scene. With its eclectic yet refined design, we couldn't think of a more fitting location it could encompass than the iconic Sea Containers building.

The Sea Containers building sits pride of place on London's South Bank, and the Mondrian has unobtrusively taken over the building without causing too much disruption to its historical features. The result being the perfect balance of history, hospitality and design. The Mondrian's renovation means that the hotel has maintained a firm hold of its shipping roots without too many nauseous references to Nauticalia.

Entry to the hotel is unassuming and organised and our luggage arrived at our River Suite before we did. It goes without saying that opting for a river view is essential, and a River View Balcony Suite is a must due to its almost unrivalled views down the River Thames.

“The perfect balance of history, hospitality and design.”

As soon as we entered the room we were compelled by the balcony, where we calmly observed our unspoiled view of St Paul's Cathedral. As darkness falls an attentive housekeeping team lit the giant candles on our balcony to ensure that our divine river views are enjoyed into the evening.

We had to step back inside and close the curtains just to ensure that our suite could be enjoyed even without the stunning views. The vote was unanimous, it certainly was stunning. The interior was simple yet sublime, we could lounge on our sofa, dine at our dining room table, or fall onto our king sized bed without doubting the Mondrian's feeling of luxury.

For those searching for life outside the bedroom, The Mondrian doesn't disappoint in this area either. It has the Bathouse and Spa providing underwater tranquillity, a vast amount of pampering options and a large gym. It also has two fantastic areas in which to enjoy a cocktail...or three. The Rumpus room, which is located on the roof also provides amazing views over the River Thames as anticipated. On the ground floor The Dandelion Bar can be found, and both of these rooms serve a fabulous array of superb cocktails to suit any pallet.

Tom Dixon has certainly done a great job in designing a perfect space to spend time, and the Mondrian definitely excels itself with the quality of service carried into the 21st century. With its stunning design, service and views, the Mondrian London is a perfect place to stay for any visitor to London.

Photos courtesy of Mondrian London
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