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May Fair Kitchen, London

Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT, UK
May Fair Kitchen Review
5 Star Rating
25 September 2016May Fair Kitchen
Tags: London, UK, Casual reviewsThe Bill: £63 per head

The May Fair Kitchen can be found inside The May Fair Hotel, and after previously visiting we were keen to revisit to experience their latest concept. The May Fair Kitchen has recently been refurbished so we were excited to discover their fresh new interior and menu. Their menu evokes the culinary craft of the Mediterranean, offering a selection of Spanish and Italian tapas style dishes. The restaurant has a casual feel and sits in the heart of Mayfair and is an enjoyable place to try some interesting dishes. Although the restaurant was very quiet during our visit we did enjoy our time and were well looked after by all the staff.

We began our evening with an aperitif, two glasses of Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rose NV. A splendid, pale pink champagne with slowly rising bubbles and a light, elegant taste of citrus fruits.

We started off by exploring the antipasti selection, I ordered the Burrata Pugliese with baby basil and San Marzano tomatoes. The Burrata was delicious, perfect consistency and very enjoyable. My partner ordered the Patatas Bravas, with garlic and paprika. A classic tapas dish done well and always a good choice to start an evening.

Next I ordered Lobster Risotto, with cherry tomato and seared scallops. The scallops were perfectly prepared, nice and flavoursome, and the lobster fresh and tasty. My partner decided on the Melanzane Parmigiana, which was very authentic in presentation and taste and didnít disappoint.

ďWe left wishing we could have sampled more dishes.Ē

For our main course I opted for the Gremolata crusted lamb cutlets. The lamb was beautifully tender and well-seasoned. My partner ordered the smoked paprika chicken skewers, there was a lovely kick to the paprika and a choice we were more than happy with.

We would have loved to sample a dessert but unfortunately we over indulged and couldn't manage one. However, Iím very keen to return even if itís just for a dessert. We enjoyed a bottle of Castello Vicchiomaggio, Agostino Petri Classic Chianti. A full-bodied Italian wine with lots of character.

This was neither the first, or the last time we will be visiting the May Fair Kitchen. We left wishing we could have sampled more dishes, a must visit if youíre in Mayfair.

Photos courtesy of May Fair Kitchen
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