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Mahiki, London

1 Dover Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4LD, UK
Mahiki Review
5 Star Rating
17 December 2016Mahiki
Tags: London, UK, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £52 per head

As Londonís premier Tiki house, Mahiki certainly sits in a unique place decor-wise. A journey down the wooden staircase may as well have been a transatlantic flight on a Boeing 747 to Honolulu. As you enter the bar youíre met with a sea of wicker chairs, along with various wooden sculptures to complete the theme.

With our Hawaiian shirts left in baggage reclaim we havenít quite hit Tiki-oíclock, but after a browse of the creative and colourful menu it isn't long before the Island spirit takes over us. After visiting numerous times we are yet to leave disappointed, Mahiki have the ability to create an infectious party atmosphere and youíre sure to leave in high spirits.

To begin, I ordered the Pina colada. A cocktail Iíve had several times at Mahiki, yet it seems to taste better every time. Itís mixed with a medley of the best rums in the world, blended with Mahiki grog, Mahiki coconut, a coconut cream and freshly pressed pineapple juice. Itís served in a whole pineapple with straws, so if the taste isnít enough to help you drift away to a secluded, relaxing island location, the look and experience is. My partner ordered the signature house cocktail titled ĎMahikií. A sweet, fruity cocktail, mixed with pear and strawberry puree, lemon, sugar, creme de fraise, and a hint of vanilla. This drink is served long with Scavi & Ray sparkling wine and delivers a lively and satisfying experience.

ďAn exotic experience not to be passed on.Ē

For my next cocktail I ordered a ĎCoconut Grenadeí, this choice delivers an explosive combination of flavours. Itís mixed with Mahiki Grog, Mahiki coconut, passionfruit and lime, served in a frozen coconut to complete the grenade theme and delivering on its explosive promise. My partner opted for a glass of Moet Chandon Rose, a champagne with a delicious blend of cherries, redcurrants, raspberries, and strawberries, very satisfying when served chilled.

Mahiki has a tempting range of dishes on offer. We opted for a couple of sushi options, ordering the Salmon and avocado Maki, with a dill mayo and baby salad, we also decided on the Spicy tuna Maki, with tempura crunches. A super selection to accompany our cocktails.

Mahiki offers an escape from the bustle of the big city, placing you right in the middle of a Polynesian-style party atmosphere with a cocktail in hand. An exotic experience not to be passed on.

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