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MASH London

77 Brewer Street, London, W1F 9ZN, UK
MASH London Review
4 Star Rating
2 October 2016MASH LondonTags: London, UK, Steakhouse reviewsThe Bill: £65 per head

Mash is located in the heart of Londonís Soho. As you walk down the steps into the restaurant a vast underground dining room emerges. Mash is a steak lovers paradise, not only due to the menu but also the decor, which is a vibrant red. The dining layout is spacious and well designed, most tables are booth-style and you could easily imagine youíre in Manhattan as the decor reminds us of a vintage, New York upscale diner. We have visited numerous times, and each experience has had a uniform consistency which has yet to disappoint.

We began with pre-dinner drinks. I ordered the ĎBoston Tea Partyí, a cocktail comprising of Hendricks, Quine Liqueur, Sencha green tea, elderflower, and lemon. As the name suggests you can really taste the tea influence, blended with alcohol it was most enjoyable. My partner opted for a glass of Bollinger Rose Champagne, a soft and rewarding champagne with plenty of red fruit flavours.

I started by ordering the Tuna Tartare, served with avocado, cucumber, chili, and a Japanese dressing. The tuna tartare was superb and flavours from the chili and Japanese dressing gave the dish a lovely kick. My partner ordered the half lobster, served with leaves, lobster dressing, and a squeeze of lemon. The lobster was fresh and tender, we can't fault this as a starter.

ďMash is a steak lovers paradise.Ē

With meat dishes being a specialty at Mash we were spoilt for choice. I went with the same cut I always have as itís just too hard not to repeat. I ordered the 300g NY Strip from Greater Omaha, Nebraska. This corn-fed beef is wonderfully tender and full of flavour. I chose the pepper sauce to compliment my choice and enjoyed every mouthful. My partner ordered the 200g fillet from Uruguay. This was also grain-fed beef, and you can tell from the first bite as it incredibly tender and flavoursome. This was complimented with a garlic and thyme jus, we cannot fault either dish. We added sides of creamy spinach, sauteed corn with bacon, and chili fries.

After indulging in our main courses we could just about manage a light dessert. I opted for the vanilla and chocolate Jacob and Jakob Ice Cream, while my partner had the coconut and liquorice ice cream. This brand of ice cream is from Denmark, itís incredibly smooth and delivers strong, delicious flavours.

To drink, we enjoyed a bottle of 2012, Ronan by Clinet, Bordeaux. A medium-full bodied, strong, French red. A perfect marriage with meat dishes, we couldnít have been happier with our choice.

We always have a superb evening at Mash and this is why we keep returning. The food is excellent, the service is attentive, and itís a meat lover's haven. A must visit if youíre in London.

Photos courtesy of MASH London
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