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    Kutir, London Review

    10 Lincoln St, Chelsea, London SW3 2TS, UK
    Kutir Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: London, UK, Indian reviewsThe Bill: £62 per head

    Kutir Chelsea is a special restaurant that we’re very pleased to have been introduced to. Located in a townhouse building down a small street in Chelsea, London, this restaurant has an exclusive feel. Being the first solo venture of renowned chef Rohit Ghai, you are sure to be in good hands at Kutir, and we were extremely excited to be able to visit and sample his craft. With a fantastic menu centred around India’s heritage and wildlife, it makes for a thrilling read, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

    First though, after being swiftly seated, we decided to relax and begin our evening with one of their impressive cocktails. I went for their Sariska which saw Portobello Road Gin, sweet basil, lavender bitter, ginger and activated charcoal. This cocktail was impressive not just on the palate, but also visually, with the activated charcoal making for an unusual colour. My partner decided on their Madhosh which was mixed with Laphroaig 10 Whisky, Hennessey VS Cognac, DuPont VSOP Calvados, Oscar Rosso Vermouth, apricot and honey. Another indulgent cocktail, this was a real treat. Whilst perusing the menu we grazed on Kutir’s beautiful mini poppadoms along with a selection of chutneys, each providing a burst of different flavours and textures.

    To start, I opted for the Aloo Tikki Honey Yoghurt, which was served in the form of a crispy potato cake with tamarind and mint chutney. My partner went for the Paneer Makkai which is cottage cheese with yoghurt, sweet corn and fenugreek. The menu selection is incredibly tempting and for this reason we actually decided to order a third starter to share, this is very rare but I'm very pleased we made the decision to do this. Our third choice was Prawns Masala which saw pink prawns, coconut, sesame and roscoff onion. These starters were simply stunning in both flavour and presentation, we were most impressed.

    “The presentation on each and every dish we experienced was a real work of art and each one was masterfully created with flavours and textures to match.”

    For our main courses, I decided on the 24hrs lamb shoulder which was served with Rogan Josh sauce, stone moss along with a delicately placed offal samosa. This dish was outstanding, with the lamb being so flavourful and tender My partner went for the duck korma which saw roasted mullard breast, cashews and pickled swede. The duck added a decadent twist on this classic curry dish, however this was unlike any korma we had tried before - it was beautiful. As side dishes, we added Kutir Kaali Dal, steamed rice and Millet bread, which was actually gluten free; as was the rest of our meal. The team here really do a superb job in looking after all allergies.

    For dessert we shared their Kulfi selection, which saw a choice of three flavours including: paan, rabri and pistachio. For our wine choice, we went for the 2016 J’Noon, Akluj, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marselan, Petit Verdot, Maharashtra, which was very nice indeed. Deep purple in colour, this wine boasts a palate of black fruits and a long silky finish.

    We were so impressed by Kutir Chelsea. The presentation on each and every dish we experienced was a real work of art and each one was masterfully created with flavours and textures to match. Chef Rohit Ghai has certainly created something very special for which we cannot wait to return.

    Photos courtesy of Kutir
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