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    Jinjuu Mayfair, London Review

    39 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4JQ, UK
    Jinjuu Mayfair Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: London, UK, Casual reviewsThe Bill: £54 per head

    Jinjuu is one of Londonís newest restaurants to open its doors. Itís the third restaurant from chef Judy Joo, and her second London destination. Jinjuu is located on Albermarle Street in Mayfair, which is a great dining option if you find yourself in the heart of the West End.

    Jinjuu carries a fine balance of stylistically celebrating industrial chic, while offering a dining experience thatís relaxed in its approach but upbeat in it atmosphere. You will find exposed brickwork and polished wooden furniture giving the decor that industrial chic look.

    We started our evening with an aperitif, I opted for the Furano Fields cocktail, this was a wonderfully floral and fruity concoction of lavender, gekkeikan namazake, Jinjzu gin, apricot, brandy, and passion fruit. While my partner ordered a glass of Billecart-Salmon Rose Champagne, a fruity, charming champagne that went down a treat.

    Whilst browsing the menu we enjoyed a Kong Bowl, which is steamed edamame topped with sesame oil. We always enjoy edamame to begin our evening and this didnít disappoint.

    ďJinjuu offers a wide range of authentic Korean dishes.ď

    For our main course we both opted for Bibimbap Bowls, filled with white rice and seasonal vegetables, topped with a fried egg, and complete with a spicy chilli sauce. This was served in a stone bowl and we also opted to add sauteed prawns to complete the dish. The presentation was excellent, the rice provided a soft bed for the vegetables and the sauce had a delicious kick. We also added a side of mixed seasonal greens with garlic, tamari, and sesame.

    To drink, we ordered a bottle of 2014, Antinori Braccesca Cortona Syrah Achelo, Tuscany, Italy. A full-bodied red with dark fruit flavours and a balanced acidity with some delicious spicy notes.

    If you enjoy Korean cuisine or youíre interested to explore the foods from this part of the world then Jinjuu offers a wide range of authentic Korean dishes designed by a skilled and respected chef.

    Photos courtesy of Jinjuu Mayfair
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