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Jamavar, London

8 Mount St, Mayfair, London W1K 3NF, UK
Jamavar Review
5 Star Rating
16 December 2016JamavarTags: London, UK, Indian reviewsThe Bill: £72 per head

Jamavar is a fine dining Indian restaurant located in Mayfair. Although a fairly new addition to London’s restaurant scene, the name ‘Jamavar’ is well-known across the globe and carries a stamp of approval with it. It’s certainly no stranger to us and we were excited to explore.

Named after the 16th-century Shawl of Kashmir, Jamavar pays homage to its name by using vibrant and intricate patterns throughout the internal decor. This provides a polite nod to historical traditions, whilst maintaining a 21st-century feel with streamlined brass accents, and tastefully positioned marble and wood panelling.

The restaurant is split over two floors. The bustling atmosphere is electric and this is driven by the buoyant hospitality from the staff. It’s obvious from the dishes that the chef takes inspiration from various different regions across India and is proud to showcase his food displaying both tradition and elegance. The authenticity of the food provides a homely and personable dining experience, it’s a paradise for lovers of Indian food as the Indian culture is perfectly captured within this opulent Mayfair restaurant.

Our journey started with an aperitif, I opted for a ‘Tree of Life’, a smooth cocktail mixed with Sipsmith gin, Suze, almond and ginger Falernum, pimento bitter, lemon, and Absinthe spray. A cocktail not shy on alcohol and perfectly capable of delivering a punch from the first sip. My partner ordered a glass of Laurent Perrier, Cuvee Rose Brut, a champagne offering aromas of redcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, and black cherries, very satisfying.

“Jamavar brings authentic Indian cuisine to London’s Mayfair.”

To begin, we ordered the Malabaar Prawns, served with white turmeric, sauteed king prawns, onions and curry leaves. This is a beautifully presented dish with a wonderful marriage of flavours. We also sampled the Chandni Chowk Ki Aloo Tikki, which is potato tikki, honey, yogurt, white radish, and a tamarind mint chutney. We also decided to sample the Dal Chawal Aur Achaar, which comprises of crispy lentil and rice dumplings, green chutney, heritage carrot and pickle. Both dishes showcase a true celebration of Indian flavours and were well done.

For my main course, I ordered the Dum Nalli Biryani, this dish comprised of Hampshire lamb, basmati rice, crispy onions, and fresh mint. The flavours were absolutely superb, there was a medley of spices all complimenting each other to make a divine tasting dish. My partner ordered the Sindhi Gosht. A dish with lamb that had been gently simmered with spinach to capture the flavour, then seasoned with cinnamon and fenugreek leaves. We also added sides of Jamavar Dal, which is slow cooked black lentils, and for such a simple sounding dish was hugely rewarding, we also completed our choice with their cucumber raita.

To drink, we ordered a bottle of 2014, Sangiovese, Chianti Classico Peppoli, Antinori, Tuscany. A wonderful Italian wine with a deep red colour and front-end notes of cherries and raspberries. Out charming sommelier from Puglia also recommended a fine glass of 2013, Cantele, Amativo, Salento, Italy, a superb suggestion which worked wonderfully with my Biryani.

Unfortunately we over indulged and couldn’t possibly have managed a dessert. However, I’m sure we will be returning in the near future and will have to make sure we save enough room as they did look rather tempting on our neighbouring tables. Jamavar brings authentic Indian cuisine to London’s Mayfair, we had an exceptional experience and look forward to returning.

Photos courtesy of Jamavar
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