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    Hedden Street Kitchen, London Review

    3-9 Heddon St, London W1B 4BE, UK
    Hedden Street Kitchen Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: London, UK, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £73 per head

    Hedden Street Kitchen restaurant comes under the Gordon Ramsay umbrella. The restaurant is located just off Regent Street on the border of Mayfair and Soho. This it right in the heart of the West End of London, a bustling area often described as the entertainment district. The restaurant is described as a casual destination to dine, however the sublime food coupled with the attentive service means it delivers on the expectation of most upscale eating experiences. The decor is very 21st Century, with a few sassy touches to keep the design lovers engaged. The red Royal Guard statue stands out as one such design touch. We were lucky enough to have a large booth in the window which provided the perfect experience.

    We started the evening with a pre-dinner cocktail, I ordered the ‘Glory of Expedition’, a cocktail mixed with Watercress Infused Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lemon, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and Tonic. A delicious choice with a very smooth delivery. My partner ordered the ‘Pickford Spritz’, a vibrant cocktail with Star of Bombay Gin, Wingfield Aperitif, White Wine, Prosecco, and Soda.

    “A hedonistic culinary experience.”

    To begin I ordered the HSK Prawn Cocktail with Pink Grapefruit. A flavoursome prawn cocktail beautifully presented. My partner ordered the Baked Scallops, with Carrot Puree, Treacle Cured Bacon, Celery Cress, and Apple. This dish had a nice collection of flavours and was an ideal starter to set us up for the evening ahead.

    For main course I ordered the 8 oz Rump Steak with a Bearnaise Sauce. The steak was cooked exactly how I specified and was a delectable cut. My partner opted for the 8 oz Fillet with a Peppercorn Sauce, another perfectly prepared steak and the Peppercorn Sauce was a superb compliment. Both main dishes were served with a Flat Mushroom, Vine Tomatoes and completed with half a roasted Garlic Bulb. We also added sides of Buttered Spinach and Mashed Potato, I can honestly say we enjoyed every mouthful.

    We decided on a bottle of 2013, Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon, Great Southern, Australia, as our chosen wine for the evening. This is a rich wine, with strong blackcurrant fruit flavours and a pleasant hint of chocolate.

    We couldn’t manage dessert, but we are looking forward to returning to visit the ice cream bar upstairs where you can create your own from a selection of flavours and toppings. Our experience was flawless from start to finish, nothing short of what we have come to expect from restaurants that carry Gordon Ramsay’s name.

    Photos courtesy of Hedden Street Kitchen
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