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Eccleston Square Hotel, London

37 Eccleston Square, London, SW1V 1PB, UK
Eccleston Square Hotel Review
5 Star Rating
25 May 2012Eccleston Square Hotel
Tags: London, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £279 per night

The Eccleston Square Hotel in London is a small, secluded town house hotel on the edge of Belgravia. It sits opposite a private park in a small square and is ideal for a quiet escape from the buzz of the city.

The building is typical London, a rendered Georgian building with a pillared entrance, black iron railings and an air of quiet, understated class. Inside it’s all modern, with sleek, contemporary furniture and décor.

The hotel is small, but average by London standards. The quaint, but modern lobby was staffed by friendly receptionists who answered every question and had a good local knowledge. The equally friendly porter showed us down to our Prestigious King Room and demonstrated the gadgets so we didn’t feel lost.

That’s right, he showed us down to our room, in the basement. It isn’t as bad as it sounds though. The room was light, airy and well-lit. It didn’t feel like being underground and was a very nice room. It included mood lighting, which gave us the opportunity to play with it to get the atmosphere just right.

“The Eccleston Square Hotel is a geek heaven.”

The décor and furnishings are contemporary but comfortable. The warm tones of the walls and carpet gave the room an intimate, comfortable feel that set us at ease right away.

The hotel is a “high-tech” hotel, meaning there are lots of electronics everywhere. A geek heaven if you like that kind of thing. There is an iPad in the room, where you can order room service and investigate the area, an iPod dock to keep everything charged and everything in the room can be controlled from the bed.

The bed itself is a massage bed which you can control remotely. It was lovely and comfortable and gave us a great night’s sleep once we had investigated all the settings. The room also includes a 3D TV, VoIP phones, coffee maker, Wi-Fi and lots of other toys.

The bathroom was as nice as the room, with L’Occitane products, a thick bathrobe and another LCD TV in the fog-free mirror. The shower was lovely, the room nice, if a little compact, and the whole room is hidden behind smart glass for privacy.

The Eccleston Square Hotel is a great place to stay and they treated us well. We would definitely stay here again.

Photos courtesy of Eccleston Square Hotel
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