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Afternoon Tea at The Savoy, London

Strand, London WC2R 0EU, UK
Afternoon Tea at The Savoy Review
5 Star Rating
1 October 2016Afternoon Tea at The Savoy
Tags: London, UK, Afternoon tea reviewsThe Bill: £68 per head

Afternoon tea at the Savoy Hotel is served in the Thames Foyer, a room thatís flamboyant, extravagant, and everything you would expect from the Savoy. We had a lovely sofa table that backed onto the restaurants pavilion. There was a portrait of Hitchcock in a gold frame between two marble pillars that commanded my attention, along with a stunning gazebo being the focal point of the room. The table was impeccably presented, with the finest bone China and exceptional attention to detail. The afternoon tea is served in courses, which in our opinion is the best way as it adds an air of theatrics to the proceedings. Every course is formally introduced and we were taken on a light waltz through delicious sandwiches and scones.

Our journey began with a glass of Moet and Chandon Rose, NV. A fitting start as itís an elegant and stylish champagne, with a lively aroma of wild strawberry.

Next we were served a selection of finger sandwiches, which included roast beef of sirloin with a whole grain mustard and tarragon cream on brown bread, coronation chicken on an olive bread, Scottish smoked salmon with lemon infused creme fraiche, watercress, on malted brown bread, classic egg salad with mustard cress, on white bread, and mozzarella, beef tomato, with pesto and balsamic glaze on herb and spinach bread. Each and every sandwich was of the highest quality, the care and attention that went into making each sandwich was evident and delivered on flavour as a result.

ďAfternoon tea at the Savoy delivers exceptional attention to detail.Ē

We moved on to freshly baked raisin and plain scones with Cornish clotted cream, homemade lemon curd, and strawberry preserve. The scones was superb, soft and light in texture with a rich butter taste and perfectly complmented by the cream, curd, and jam.

We then returned to another savoury course, delicately prepared green asparagus with poached egg, crayfish, and lemon hollandaise. An incredibly satisfying selection of flavours and a most welcome addition to the afternoon tea experience.

We then made our tea choices. I opted for the Assam Gold, a thick-textured, pungent tea, delivering a big flavour from the first sip. While my partner opted the White Peony and Rose tea, an interesting blend with an exquisite taste, the infusion of white tea and rose is an exquisite flavour with an alluring aroma.

Lastly we were introduced to the most delicious Earl Grey tea cake and a gluten-free banana cake. The sponges couldnít have been any softer and provided the perfect end to an exceptional afternoon tea service.

Afternoon tea at the Savoy delivers exceptional attention to detail and itís a joy to experience. This is how afternoon tea should be done, youíre taken on a journey that you will not forget.

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