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Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool

41 North John Street, Liverpool, L2 6RR, UK
Hard Days Night Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
4 December 2014Hard Days Night HotelTags: Liverpool, UK, City reviewsThe Bill: £950 per night

The Hard Dayís Night Hotel in Liverpool is an obvious reference to the cityís most famous home grown talent, the Beatles. Liverpool is a city steeped with history, and a wide range of famous attractions and exports. But anyone who has been there will tell you, itís hard to escape references or images relating to the Beatles.

This hotel has taken it to the next level however. Sure there are references to the Beatles throughout, but as a hotel itís truly excellent. Itís located in the musical quarter of the city, and stands proud as a large brownstone Georgian building.

As you enter the building you are treated to a range of Beatles references. From large murals with lyrics from some of their hit songs, to a yellow submarine-style juke box, and busts, statues, and endless pictures of the Beatles everywhere.

I will mention at this point that we have been guests at Hard Dayís Night before, and we stayed in the Lennon Suite both last time and this time. The suite has been noticeably refurbished since out previous visit however.

It was a beautifully presented, luxury suite last time. But now with new carpets, furniture, and a facelift it's well worth a visit. There are still pictures and references to the Beatles of course, we wouldnít expect anything less.

ďYou donít have to be super-fans of the Beatles to enjoy the experience.Ē

But itís tastefully done, and the suite is finished with relaxing colours, thick curtains, and luxurious furnishings. The suite is very spacious, with a very comfortable feel and lots of plush cushions and seating.

The living area includes everything you will need, from a LCD TV, Wi-Fi, Minibar, Coffee making facilities, and complementary bottled water. The suite has a balcony too, offering some impressive views of the city. But it doesnít stop there, with a grand piano and a large seating area itís easy to imagine this room being host to some entertaining parties.

The bathroom was meticulously clean and well-presented. There is a shower and bath, plenty of fresh towels and products. It provides a tranquil place to relax and clear your head, in an otherwise busy city.

The dťcor around the whole hotel is modern and finished to a high standard. Itís a joy to walk around looking at some of the memorabilia, the styling has been well thought out.

Our stay at Hard Dayís Night was wonderful. You donít have to be super-fans of the Beatles to enjoy the experience, the hotels stands on its own as luxurious experience. Twice is not enough, we will be staying here again in the future, and recommend it to anyone else too.

Photos courtesy of Hard Days Night Hotel
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