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    Bairro Alto Hotel, Lisbon Review

    Praça Luís de Camões 2, 1200-243 Lisboa, Portugal
    Bairro Alto Hotel Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Lisbon, Portugal, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £658 per night

    Located in the most popular place to visit in Lisbon, Bairro Alto, is the Bairro Alto Hotel. Situated in the bustling heart of Lisbon’s historic district this hotel stands proudly as an architectural must-see, inspired by the elegant style of Chiado and brought back to life by famed Portuguese architect Souto de Moura, Bairro Alto Hotel entices you with its charm and takes you back to a time where sophistication meets bohemia and visiting feels like a dream.

    During our visit to this stunning hotel, we stayed in the Chiado suite that overlooked the historic Luís de Camões Square. The beautiful view over the historic city centre was only the beginning as the room itself was breathtaking. Designed by renowned interior designers Atelier Bastir and TheStudio the room married contemporary design with a stylishness that is reminiscent of another era.

    The room itself boasts a luxurious king-sized bed, lounge area, work space and a bathroom fitted with a large shower and a free-standing antique bath. With 24-hour room service, a minibar and espresso machine at your disposal it is clear that the Bairro Alto Hotel are sparing no effort with comfort. They also offer high-speed Wi-Fi as well as a Bang and Olufsen flat screen television, a Marshall speaker and access to the Wellness and Fitness Centre with free access to the sauna and sensory shower facilities. The most impressive feature of the Chiado suite though was the balcony that allows you to walk outside and overlook the city of Lisbon in all its glory and was by far its greatest highlight, especially of an evening.

    Bairro Alto Hotel entices you with its charm and takes you back to a time where sophistication meets bohemia and visiting feels like a dream.

    The Bairro Alto Hotel has dining covered for those opting to stay local, located inside the venue is cocktails bars, a restaurant and the spectacular Terrace at BAHR which offer all day light bites for those who are after something in-between. The Terrace at BAHR provides guests and non-guests spectacular views of the city and Lisbon’s River Tagus. It’s located on the 5th floor of the hotel and is a must-see when staying, especially great when you fancy a cocktail while watching the sunset and the informal, bohemian atmosphere makes for a laid back, relaxing experience. The Barrio Hotel also houses a patisserie on the ground floor with more stunning views of the Luís de Camões Square as well as a daily selection of freshly made pastries, the perfect morning stop by as you head out to explore Lisbon for the day.

    The Barrio Hotel offers a Wellness and Fitness centre for those wanting to take some time out for themselves amid the hustle of bustle of Lisbon’s exciting vibe. Located on the 4th floor of the hotel this space includes a sauna, sensory shower and a gym with all the latest Technogym equipment. Barrio Alto hotel also offers 1-1 personal training who can help with gym motivation in this relaxed space. For those wanting a more relaxed vibe though the dual treatment spa room by Susanne Kaufman offers a range of facials for both men and women as well as massage therapies, perfect for those wanting to indulge in their well-being.

    The Barrio Alto Hotel made our trip to Lisbon more enjoyable. Situated in a city alive with culture and excitement the Barrio Alto Hotel is just as much a landmark as the Luís de Camões Square. The impeccable service, stunning interiors and amenities that only added to our enjoyment and comfort made us feel at home in the city. We cannot recommend a more pleasurable place to stay when visiting this beautiful place and we cannot wait to be back, sipping cocktails on the Terrace a BHAR or indulging with a facial in the Wellness and Fitness centre.

    Photos courtesy of Bairro Alto Hotel
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