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Hotel Barriere Lille

777 Bis Pont de Flandres, 59777 Lille, France
Hotel Barriere Lille Review
5 Star Rating
4 August 2014Hotel Barriere LilleTags: Lille, France, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £440 per night

Hotel Barriere can be found in Lille, and is part of the Lucien Barriere brand. Having visited Hotel Barriere for the past few years, we were very much looking forward to returning.

The Lille hotel is a new-build - a beautiful structure of steel and glass - located next to the Parc des Dondaines within the city centre. The designed is likened to a ship located within the city, with the shape of the building loosely resembling exactly that. Although not to everyone's taste, Hotel Barrier is, in fact, a lovely place to be.

Hotel Barriere also boasts an ideal location - centrally based, it offers guests excellent communication links, being close to the train station, as well as the A1 motorway. Also, being just a short drive to the airport, it's very convenient for anyone looking to travel for business.

One of the things we appreciate most about a new build hotel, is the interior design. Everything at Hotel Barriere is in great condition, from the decor - which is unashamedly modern - to the fixtures and fittings. With straight lines, sharp corners, and a fresh and clean colour pallet; Hotel Barriere is softened only by gentle soft furnishings. The overall impression is of modern comfort and luxury.

Complete with Vegas-style casino, this hotel really does offer something for everyone. And if there's not enough to keep you occupied in the hotel itself - then you will find plenty to spark your interest in the city centre, which is just a stones throw away from the hotel's front door.

"With its 180° views, the hotel is the perfect introduction to any Parisian trip."

The staff all speak excellent English and are very professional. We were efficiently checked in and escorted to our Panoramic Junior Suite. The suite is large, with huge windows - plenty of space to walk around, and a feeling of calm that is most welcome in a city hotel. It’s just a shame there wasn’t much to see out of those windows. Our panorama was that of the edge of the city with some railway lines.

The bed was large and comfortable and faced a large LCD TV. The room was decorated in light colours, with the soft furnishing adding darker tones. The bathroom was also of a decent size, and boasted a wonderful power shower.

Thanks to its location, the Hotel Barriere is ideal for those travelling to Paris. With its 180° views, the hotel is the perfect introduction to any Parisian trip.

Overall our experience of the Hotel Barriere was positive. We were well looked after once again, and the facilities are still excellent. The hotel is consistently well managed, and we cannot recommend it highly enough; however, we may advise that the hotel is better suited to business travellers, as opposed to weekenders.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Barriere Lille
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