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Legacy 5 Speakers

Legacy 5 Speakers Review
5 Star Rating
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We recently decided to upgrade our office hi-fi setup, and decided to kit ourselves out with Tibo Electronics. We chose their SIA75 Smart Integrated Amplifier, along with their Legacy 5+ floor standing speakers. We were pleased with the quality of both products, which are superb and allow us to easily rock out on a Friday afternoon to the likes of Hendrix and Zeppelin, whilst keeping it professional during the working day.

The amplifier itself is a streaming amplifier that allows you to choose streaming options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It also offers two RCA inputs, one optical input, plus a sub output, meaning this amplifier really can play all your music, any way you may need. It also offers a smartphone app which allows you to choose from radio stations across the world, and you can set your own pre-sets for easy access to your favourite stations.

The Legacy 5+ floor standing speakers were a natural choice for us to pair with the amplifier. We’d heard great things about these speakers and are delighted that they do in fact live up to the hype. Tibo Electronics haven’t scrimped on the technology for these speakers which allows for the most wonderful, balanced sound that makes listening to your favourite music even more pleasurable.

“As big music fans, we’re delighted that we’re able to experience our favourite artists through a faultless hi-fi system.”

In terms of the technical details, the Legacy 5+ speakers offer 1-inch soft dome silk tweeters which allow for an extremely smooth treble sound. The bass is also superb, with a die cast woofer basket supporting the drive unit with allows for a long throw. The speakers also offer a top tuned rear firing bass reflex port, which allows for optimal performance.

As well as the impressive technical features, these speakers also look fantastic. We have had many a compliment on them since their installation. We opted for the black finish, although they do also come in a wood finish, with either being understated enough to complement any interior décor.

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to music these these speakers, and cannot fault the system at all. The setup was very straight forward and they were easy to connect with the amp, meaning we were up and running within just a few minutes. The app makes it a breeze to change your choice of music, and play anything we can think of via Spotify or any other streaming apps.

We would highly recommend Tibo Electronics for your hi-fi needs, and specifically the SIA75 amp and Legacy 5+ speakers. We enjoy listening to music day-in, day-out and our setup now allows us to do this effortlessly and flawlessly. As big music fans, we’re delighted that we’re able to experience our favourite music via a faultless hi-fi system.

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