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Bennett Winch

Bennett Winch Review
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One of the brands we are most pleased to have discovered is Bennett Winch, and we can confidently say that Bennett Winch is now our luggage brand of choice. The brand was born in 2014, so it benefits from having all the modern market knowledge and modern day conveniences of newer brands, complemented by inspiration from the timeless designs of years past. Bennett Winch do not compromise on the aesthetics of their luggage, and although they are most practical in their functionality, you know they will always look good as a part of your collection.

Their secret is using only the finest of materials, which is what is key to executing their “understated yet luxurious” design approach. With each luggage piece being handcrafted in England, you can be assured of not only quality, but authenticity in each and every product. And their attention to detail is second to none.

The most recent addition to our collection is the Bennett Winch Weekender bag in Full Grain Black Leather. This bag is quite something, and as its name suggests, is absolutely perfect for weekend getaways or overnight stays. Plenty of research has gone into creating this bag, which Bennett Winch believe is the perfect size for a two-night stay, and we hasten to agree.

“We are proud to carry their luggage whilst travelling.”

The bag is made up of the main compartment where you can store your clothes and toiletries, as well as two shoe storage sections that stay separated from the main contents of the bag, along with water resistant linings to ensure no distribution of dirt. With these two pouches being water resistant, they are also very easy to clean. You’ll also find a secure laptop sleeve integrated into the bag, as well as internal zip fastened pockets, which make for great additional storage options for valuables or electricals. For ease, the bag also comes complete with a detachable shoulder strap, secured by beautiful brass hardware that carries on the practical yet aesthetically pleasing theme of the Bennett Winch brand.

Impressively, Bennett Winch hand select each and every hide that they use to make their bags to ensure that they will age well, which adds a secure guarantee that whichever bag you choose will be highly durable, and will look just as impressive in the years to come. The leather is premium full grain, and is naturally veg-tanned. The solid hardware is welded in London, and you will find YKK golden brass zips as well as solid brass protector studs on the base of the bag, the lining is 100% cotton.

It feels as though our feet almost never touch the ground as we are constantly travelling, and so we have experienced numerous luggage brands and luggage products over the years. We can confidently say that nothing compares to the attention to detail; the design; the innovation and most of all the quality that Bennett Winch have really delivered on every level with their products. We are proud to carry their luggage whilst travelling.

For all of the reasons, Bennett Winch comes highly recommended by us as an exceptionally strong luggage choice. Ranging from backpacks to larger luggage items, we’re certain there’s something for everyone in the Bennett Winch collection, and although they are at a relatively high price point, it is obvious why, and in our opinion the quality of the products offers great value for money and is worth absolutely every penny. We can’t wait to grow our collection, and urge you to begin yours if you haven’t already.

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