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    Audio Pro T14 Review

    Audio Pro T14 Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Lifestyle reviewsThe Bill: £369

    We recently got our hands on a pair of Audio Pro Addon T14 speakers after being so very impressed with the Addon T10. If youíre not familiar with this speaker family - you should be.

    In all honestly at first sight the T14ís were not what I was expecting, which I suppose we can put down to their minimalist design. Although I was impressed with the sleek finish and the sophisticated aesthetic, I was unsure as to how these small speakers would perform. But I can tell you with sincerity: they performed.

    Audio Pro T14 Audio Pro T14 Audio Pro T14

    The beauty of these speakers is their ability to connect with your smart TV, or Apple TV; vastly improving the sound quality. Having full hifi sound for your television is one of those things that, until you experience it, you donít realise just how much of a difference it really makes. These speakers made me make time to watch films.

    ďAudio Proís main aim is to get big sound from small speakers; and with the Addon T14ís they certainly deliverĒ

    The tech spec will tell you that a total of 120W and advanced DSP processing is what makes these speakers really prove their worth. For me, it was the fact that I could put these inconspicuously small speakers anywhere in the living room and enjoy cinematic sound in an instant.

    Audio Pro T14 Audio Pro T14 Audio Pro T14

    These speakers arenít just for television and film, however, music is what is these speakers were made for, Iím pretty sure. Effortlessly delivering Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as though they were in the room with me, these speakers are not shy of handling big sound.

    The Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility is a strong selling point for me, however these speakers do come equipped with three audio inputs if you need to plug in other audio sources with cables; so theyíre versatile and cover pretty much all audio needs. You can even connect a powered subwoofer via the speakerís sub output if youíre all about bass.

    Needless to say, the T14ís are compatible with most OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Mac/PC - so thereís no need to purchase any extra hardware to get them up and running.

    At the heart of the brand, Audio Proís main aim is to get big sound from small speakers; and with the Addon T14ís they certainly deliver on that front. And if youíre lucky enough to have any of their other speakers, you can connect them all to get a really solid audio setup in your own home. This is an added bonus for us.

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