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    Airpulse A80 Review

    Airpulse A80 Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Lifestyle reviewsThe Bill: £599

    The last two years have put the work from home culture into the spotlight with many people and companies choosing to work from the comfort and ease of home. So, with the home now also becoming the office, ensuring you have all the equipment you need to make this at home office as comfortable and as practical as possible the Airpulse A80 Active Speaker System is an easy choice. This particular speaker system is incredibly versatile making it the perfect at home addition. Usage is not just restricted to a computer but supports multiple inputs, including; Bluetooth, AUX, PC, USB and fibre optic.

    "This particular speaker system is incredibly versatile making it the perfect at home addition."

    This stunning speaker system was designed to ensure quality was not compromised. It is built with 18mm thick, high strength MDF in walnut to safeguard against colouration or if you were after a brighter colour is also comes in a vibrant blue. Inbuilt into this system is an oval shaped vent that was carefully designed to minimise wind and noise. The A80 speaker system also supports Hi-Res high quality audio playback and holds an official Hi –Res certification, alongside a frequency response range of 52Hz to 40KHz making this high quality sound system well equipped and suitable for all purposes. What also makes this sound system superior is the way the USB digital audio interface supports UAC2 audio application meaning it avoids signal degradation and dynamic range loss further proving how quality is the primary focus of Airpulse’s A80 speaker system.

    The dimensions of this sound system is another reason why their versatile nature is perfect for at home usage, especially in the home office. Weighing around 9.3kg this lightweight system comes in a size of 140x250x220mm meaning the A80 can comfortably fit on a desk with a PC set up. The panelling on the back right hand speaker where the control system sits also enables you to set out a sound system that works best for you no matter the occasion, whether that be for the office or personal leisure. The controls enable you to select volume, bass and treble response levels as these are independent from the volume of the subwoofer which can be adjusted via the master control. Having the volume of the bass and treble separate means as a user you are able to easily set the brightness of high-frequencies and amount of bass you would like dependant on the size of your listening space.

    "a sound system that works best for you no matter the occasion, whether that be for the office or personal leisure."

    Another surprising factor is the horn loaded ribbon tweeter which is not usually common for such a compact sound system but speaks to the impressive technology Airpulse is producing. This kind of tweeter enables for a complexity in the sound response of this speaker system and only serves to elevate the listening experience. The A80 speaker system comes equipped with an active and passive speaker, a remote control, several cables to support the various modes of inputs such as; a USB connecting cable and a fibre optic audio input cable and a comprehensive manual guide. R32;R32;Airpulse has developed a high quality product suitable for the average, everyday worker. The stunning walnut coloured casing, paired with its compact and unobtrusive size makes it a home office ‘must have’. The versatility and durability of this sound system means it can be equally enjoyed outside the working day and well into the leisure of family time or those karaoke dinner parties with friends. Whatever you end up using the A80 for, it is guaranteed to effortlessly fit in with your lifestyle and I cannot recommend a product enough.

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