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Airhouses, Lauder

Lauder, Berwickshire TD2 6PX, UK
Airhouses Review
5 Star Rating
1 November 2014AirhousesTags: Lauder, UK, Self Catering reviewsThe Bill: £120 per night

Located in the Scottish Borders just south of Edinburgh, Airhouses lodges offer a premium 5 star self-catering experience at its finest. During our stay we decided on the Capercallie lodge, a spacious building that closer resembles a large house than lodge and sleeps up to 10 people. The property is very spacious, and every detail is meticulously maintained and finished to a very high standard.

The Capercaillie is equipped with everything one would possibly want for on a self-catering stay. The boot room is complete with washing machine and drying facilities and a downstairs toilet. The kitchen is huge, with a beautiful Aga cooker, American style fridge freezer with built-in ice cube dispenser, and home to every utensil you can think of.

"Airhouses offer a high quality, enjoyable experience for any occasion."

The kitchen is open plan and rolls into the dining room where there is a dark oak dining table seating 10, and high-back dining chairs. Moving into the lounge area there are two very large, incredibly comfortable sofas, and a large wall mounted flat screen TV with an impressive surround sound system. There is also a garden room with a game console, DVD player, and a large collection of DVD’s to choose from.

Each bedroom and en-suite have different layout, giving a personable feeling to each room. You are treated to a mix of French style walk-in showers or baths, and everything is finished to the highest standards as you would expect. Our room was very spacious and had beautiful views overlooking the surrounding farmland and animals grazing.

The French doors and skylights allows plenty of natural light to come into the room, giving the feel of bringing the outdoors indoors. One particular highlight for me was the hot tub in the private garden. It's the largest hot tub I have ever had the pleasure to experience, and spending evenings in the hot tub was simply faultless and a memorable part of my stay.

The outdoor BBQ hut is a great addition, perfect for families or entertaining large groups of people. The hut is beautifully designed and comes alive at night being lit by fairy lights. The hut provides shelter over the BBQ, so come rain or shine you can enjoy a BBQ. If the weather is permitting, there is a large outdoor dining table that can be used. Whether it's night or day, summer or winter, Airhouses offer a high quality, enjoyable experience for any occasion - we highly recommend them.

Photos courtesy of Airhouses
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