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    SLS, Las vegas, Las Vegas Review

    2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV 89109, USA
    SLS, Las vegas Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Las Vegas, USA, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £270 per night

    Located at the northern end of the Las Vegas strip is the SLS hotel. Itís a little far to walk to all the main casinos on the strip, which is why the SLS have their own monorail, however there is more than enough to keep guests entertained within the SLS, if youíre looking for that Las Vegas experience while being just outside of the bustle of the main strip, SLS ticks all the boxes.

    The service was friendly and the staff were very knowledgeable. If you are looking for something to do in Vegas then the help desk can provide you with plenty of options and all the information you need. Itís a busy hotel, but well maintained and clean throughout.

    The rooms at the SLS have a luxurious and modern look throughout. We experienced the Lux Signature Suite designed by Philippe Starck, which is separated into two rooms. It has a large bathroom with a dual wet room, which was fitted with everything we needed. The living area has a huge marble oval conference table, providing more than enough room to hold meetings and catch up on some work. There was also a large corner sofa and a separate bathroom, so hosting is very convenient.

    ďCertainly worth considering if youíre planning a trip to Vegas.Ē

    The bedroom was incredibly comfortable. There was a mirror above the bed, which despite the kinky connotations that come to mind, it had an air of class because it offsets the design elements of the suite perfectly. There are different dťcor categories throughout the hotel, and ours was in the Luxury Tower. Our suite had a clean, dreamy appearance, with traditional accents and wonderfully finished furnishings.

    Other services available at the SLS include a trendy bar that attracts plenty of nightlife, a beer garden, restaurants, a spa, a good sized gym, and of course a casino to complete that Las Vegas experience. Every aspect of this hotel is what you would want when visiting Vegas. Sure, itís not one of the big names on the main strip, but is offers something a little different from those hotels. In a way thatís refreshing and enjoyable, certainly worth considering if youíre planning a trip to Vegas.

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