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Montecristo Cigar Bar, Las Vegas

3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
Montecristo Cigar Bar Review
4 Star Rating
21 March 2016Montecristo Cigar BarTags: Las Vegas, USA, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £45 per head

The Montecristo Cigar Bar located inside Caesars Palace is a great place to visit if you love hard liquor and cigars. The drink menu is extensive and there is a vast array of liquors to choose from. It would be a shame if you didnít indulge in a cigar whilst in the lounge. Whether you are an occasional smoker or a cigar enthusiast, the staff are on-hand to offer their extensive knowledge and can pair a cigar with your chosen drink to maximise your experience. The decor is classic, yet expensive, and itís a great way to kick off an evening in Vegas.

I started the evening with the Noletís Gin and Tonic which was paired with the ĎLiga Privada Robusto #9 Cigarí, the #9 has a rich and complex full bodied taste, combined with the Noletís Gin and Tonic itís incredibly satisfying, and an experience not to be rushed. My partner enjoyed a Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege on the rocks, along with the ĎMy Father Torpedo Le Bijou Cigarí, this cigar is a thing of beauty, you are instantly hit with an array of flavours on the first light and the Ecuadorian grown wrapping gives this cigar a delicious aroma.

ďWe were blown away by the quality of the cigars.Ē

I finished off with the Rolling Smoke Cocktail which was mixed with Makerís Mark 46 Bourbon, Laphroaig, Islay Whisky, Coffee Bean-infused Carpano Antica Vermouth and Vanilla. A delicious post-cigar drink, perfect to kick back and relax with, it wasnít shy on alcohol either. My partner ended with the Tomís Whisky Sour, which was mixed with Knob Creek Whiskey, Fresh Lemon Sour, and Egg White. A delicious blend of whiskey with a fresh Citrus kick, another fine example of the drinks on offer at the Montecristo Cigar Bar.

We are far from cigar connoisseurs, however we were blown away by the quality of the cigars and drinks we sampled, there are few better ways to start an evening in Vegas and itís certainly something we will be repeating in the future.

Photos courtesy of Montecristo Cigar Bar
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