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    Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Review

    5 Connaught Road, 2522 0111, China
    Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Hong Kong, China, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £320 per night

    As the first Mandarin Oriental hotel I've stayed in, this was the perfect introduction to the Mandarin brand.

    Located a short walk from Hong Kong's busy streets and hustle and bustle this is located perfectly, our drop off was around 11 at night, we were welcomed with a smile and our luggage was taken care of.

    After checking-in we were taken to our room which was a pleasure of a walk, the corridors were immaculate and filled with character and stunning carpets which really made you feel you were somewhere special, entering the bedroom to the sound of Michael Buble could of been improved, but apart from that this room was stunning, for such a large hotel this room really had a homely feeling about it, which is normally lost on most hotels however modern or traditional, this room was just perfect and after been shown around the room we was left and advised to call our own dedicated butler should we need anything.

    After a great nights sleep with perfect pillows, I had a power shower and turned up the music which can also be controlled from the bathroom.

    Breakfast in this hotel was a joy, most mornings I had porridge freshly made with the choice of water or milk, along with a pot of tea which is served in an unusual looking oriental type tea pot, I also tried an omelette made with egg whites and spinach, a great start to my day.

    The breakfast area leads into a small shopping area, which really shouldn't be here, dated shops with tacky products just doesn't fit here, however for anyone who likes shopping, your only a few steps away from several shopping centres.

    Taking a ride to the basement in the lift takes you to the spa treatments area, I'd heard there was a barbers here so I fancied checking it out, they managed to fit me in later that day as they were booked up most of the time. I felt like I was back in England it was like an old English style barbers, further to that I had 2 or 3 well spoken English business types having a trim.

    The lobby area was pretty small and was flooded by dated looking gold trimmings, but still had a nice feeling about it, you could see up into the open-plan restaurant and across into the bar, with the occasional sound of the grand piano giving the perfect touch.

    The downstairs captains bar however was like an old school smoking room with lots of wood effect panelling and lots of old timers waiting for the live music to start.

    We treated ourselves to afternoon tea, and like everything else here was perfect, we was looked after and was constantly checked upon and was able to have more of anything we liked, the tea was served in beautiful china along with a choice of sandwiches, volovants, cakes, and scones with several types of jams, every table was full of Chinese people taking photos of their lavish afternoon teas, this was obviously a popular place to come if you liked afternoon tea.

    The M bar located on the top floor of the hotel offered fantastic views of the Hong Kong skyline and harbour area, a real treat at night time. Accompanied by some unique cocktails which were adorable, this was a great way to begin your evening before you head out into the city.

    This hotel provided a well equipped gym which is a plus in any hotel, along with a spa providing a long list of treatments.

    So if your planning a trip to Hong Kong, then be sure to stay here or at least go and indulge in a little afternoon tea activity, although be aware this 5 star hotel comes with 5 star prices, so anyone on a budget, then this may not be the place for you.

    Photos courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

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